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Research Services

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Data and Web


The Data Resources are designed to support active research projects at Boston College.  These resources provide the infrastructure and staff support for researchers to analyze, mine, visualize and/or publish and share data via the World Wide Web in creative ways.   Please let us know what you want to do.

There are many aspects to research data, including:

  • Data collection, including sensor data, data from studies, field work, or surveys, and data from simulations and mathematical models
  • Data aggregation, including gathering from local, national and international database so that the data can be analyzed and/or published in other formats
  • Data Analysis and Mining. Tools available include statistical packages, Matlab, and ArcGIS
  • Publication of data, including real-time analysis of data, via the Web
  • Data sharing with access control to grant different users different rights to access or change the data

The data resources currently consist of web and database servers, and 40 TB of disk space.  Boston College's Linux Cluster is available to run applications such as Matlab or statistical analysis. The Linux cluster can easily accomodate large data sets.


To discuss your software needs, contact Barry Schaudt (, 617-552-0242).

Grant Support

If you are writing a grant, please contact Barry Schaudt (, 617-552-0254) to discuss the support that Research Services can provide.

Access to the Data Resources

The Data Resources are available to all faculty members at Boston College and their research groups.  Contact Research Services (

Tape Backup

Home directories, databases, and web pages are backed up nightly.  If a file, database, or web page in exists, there will be a copy on the backup system. For files, web pages and databases that exist and change, we save the current version, and, for 15 days, the previous version.  We can restore either the current version or, if the requested is made within 15 days of the last change, the previous version.  If a file/web page/database is deleted, then we can recover it for up to 30 days from the day it was deleted.  Files in other locations are not backed up.


Boston College has a system to archive research data.   The archive allows you to use a secure copy (scp) or secure ftp (sftp) client to transfer files the archive.   

Policies/Proper Use Guidelines

Users of the Data Resources are expected abide by the Data Resources Policies which include Boston College's Computing Policies and Guideline