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Research Services

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Linux Cluster Accounts

Accounts are organized around individual research groups.  In general, a research group will correspond to a faculty member.  However, we can customize groups for special needs such as for multiple faculty members working together on the same project or to accomodate a Boston College Center or Institute.

We ask each research group to submit a short abstract describing their work.  This  abstract will be displayed on   Once an abstract has been submitted,  a faculty member may request accounts for members of their research group.  Members of  the research group are not restricted to the Boston College community.  We will create accounts for collaborators at institutions other than Boston College   Once a year, we will  ask each research group to update their abstract and update, if necessary, the accounts for  the group.  New groups and new accounts may be created at any time.

We also ask each research group to provide us:

  •  A list of the publications in which the cluster supported their work,
  •  A list of grants submitted in which the cluster was mentioned,
  •  A list of funded grants in which the cluster was mentioned.

We need the duration of the grant, the amount of the grant, and the funding agency when we request information about grant activity that involves  the cluster.  Please send this information as it becomes available to Barry Schaudt (

New Accounts

Requests for new accounts must come from a faculty member.   We will try for an 8 business-hour turnaround time (after all information has been received), and try to accommodate special requests when accounts are needed sooner. To get a new account, send email to with the following information:

  • The name of the faculty membor sponsoring the account
  • If this is the first account for the faculty member, or if it is a new group, please include a short abstract describing the work on the cluster.
  • The name of account holder, and their BC username, if applicable.

We expect all account holders to abide by the Cluster policies.