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Research Services

information technology services

Letter from the Director, Barry Schaudt

I have two roles, Director of Research Services, and Faculty Liaison,  As Director of Research Services, I am working to build an organization that supports the use of computer technologies or statistics in faculty research.  Please contact me with your research needs that involve computers, data (collecting, transferring, storage, backup, security, management, mining, analysis, publishing, sharing), software, or statistics.  We are expanding and need to know and understand your research needs.  The support that Research Service provides is very broad.  For example, the Research Services staff:   provides statistical consulting; assists with databases and web interfaces to databases; provides technical expertise on a variety of software; will put together and give customized discipline specific classes on a variety of statistical research topics, Matlab, Mathematica, or GIS. 

As Faculty Liaison, I will assist researchers in navigating the Information Technology Services organization,  and be sure Information Technology Services is responsive.

I meet regularly with faculty members from many departments to determine how Research Services can best serve researchers at Boston College.  If you have comments, questions, concerns, or just want to introduce yourself, please contact me.

Please check this web page regularly.  The Research Services web pages will be changing as we change and evolve to meet changing and evolving needs. 

I look forward to working with everyone at Boston College.

Barry Schaudt, Ph.D.
Director of Research Services and Faculty Liaison

Overview of Research Services

Research Services provides consultation, training, and tutorials to support computing and research at Boston College.  The Research Services staff has expertise in statistics, statistical software such as Stata, SAS and SPSS, qualitative research, surveys, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), scientific computation, data analysis, computational mathematics including MATLAB and Mathemetica, and visualization.  The staff can also provide assistance with codes (writing, porting, debugging, tuning, optimizing, and parallelizing codes), databases, and Web technologies. 

Research Services Staff

The full-time staff consists of:
   Awanti Acharya (Geographic Information Systems)
   Rani Dalgin (Statistics, Qualitative Research, Surveys)
   Simo Goshev (Statistics, Econometrics, Reaearch Computing Manager)
   Matt Gregas (Manager, Statistics)
   Melissa McTernan (Statistics)
   Yixin Pan (Data Science)
   Wei Lucy Qiu (Scientific Computation)
   David Ruhl (Unix Systems Administration)
   Barry Schaudt (Director, High Performance Computing, Visualization)
   Tony Schreiner (Linux Systems Administration, Cloud Computing)
In general, full-time staff members are available from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The graduate students provide additional assistance:
   Praveen Saini (GIS, Matlab, Statistics)
The times that the graduate students work vary and are generally between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Consulting and other Services

Research Services provides a wide-range of consulting and other services to support research at Boston College.  We can help integrate computer technologies and statistical support into grant applications. For more information, see our Research Support web page. There is no charge for the support  that Research Services provides. To schedule an appointment contact us at:

Software Supporting Research

Researchers at Boston College have access to a broad range of software.    Examples of software available to support research are:  ArcGIS, Matlab, Mathematica, R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata.  Research Services' software web pages describe each software package, gives information on where it is installed, and contains links to documentation.   If you have questions about software for your research, please contact us (

Tutorials and Workshops

Research Services offers tutorials and workshops every semester.  We can also offer customized tutorials and workshops.  The current tutorials are listed at:

Web Surveys

Research Services provides assistance with on-line surveysi including Qualtrics and REDCap.  More information about on-line surveys is at

Web Sites, Databases, Data Storage and Archive

If you need assistance with research data, including analysis of the data, storage of the data, and Web interfaces to the data, please contact

There are Web and database servers, in addition to disk that is backed up nightly, to support research data needs.  Information about the data resourses is available at:

BC has a data archive system to assist you in handling large amounts of data.


Boston College has a Linux Cluster for research computing.  This cluster is designed to run serial and parallel codes, in addition to public domain and commercial software.  This cluster is available to the entire Boston College research community.  Further information about the Linux Cluster is available at: