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Tennis Instructors

Gretchen B.

Availability: Sundays 12 -1 pm; Mondays 7 - 8 pm; Thursdays 6 - 8 pm

Playing Experience: Gretchen comes from a large family of tennis players.  She started playing tennis at the age of 4 and never stopped, attending numerous camps, clinics and lessons. She has participated in USTA junior leagues and started playing in USTA tournaments when she was 14. In high school, she made the Varsity team her freshman year. During her four years on the team, she played at various positions, including the No. I singles and doubles positions.  She was selected to the all conference team in her sophomore, junior and senior years.  In her senior year, she served as captain and was named MVP. Gretchen now plays for the Boston College Club Tennis team. 

Coaching Experience: Gretchen has coached at a summer camp where ages ranged from 3 to 14. She has worked with both groups and individuals. 

Age Preference: Gretchen is most experienced working with kids aged 5-14, but is happy to work with people of any age.

Other Qualifications: In addition to teaching tennis, Gretchen is also a certified EMT and is a member of Boston College EMS. 


Katie D.

Availability: Wednesdays 11 am - 1 pm; Thursdays 6 - 8 pm

Playing Experience: Katie has been playing tennis for 15 years. She grew up playing in Florida, where she would participate in clinics and tennis camps all summer and all school year long. Katie started playing USTA tournaments when she was 8 years old, and continued through high school. In high school, she played varsity tennis all four years, where she held the #1 seed for both singles and doubles. Katie was also team captain of the tennis team for her junior and senior year of high school. In college, she continues to play for fun with friends and family.

Coaching Experience: Katie has assisted coaching youth summer camps in her hometown of Tampa, Florida for two summers in high school. She also volunteered at a non-profit that taught inner city kids how to play tennis.

Age Preference: Katie would love to coach any age level, but has most experience teaching youth.


August R.

Availability: Will be posted soon.

Playing Experience: August has been playing tennis since the age of 8. He grew up and learned to play largely through first-hand experience, spending long summer days on the red clay at the Sharon Tennis Club. He played second singles on the varsity high school team freshman and sophomore year before moving on to play first singles as a captain for his junior and senior year. He was named Hockomock League and Sun Chronicle All-star 4 times, and now enjoys playing recreationally with friends and family.

Coaching Experience: August started teaching private lessons near the end of his junior year on the high school team. He has helped kids in middle school develop their tennis game through these private lessons, as well as through helping run drills in public clinics and high school practices. 

Age Preference: August does not have a preference in age and is willing to coach all levels.


McKenna M.

Availability: Sundays 4 - 7 pm; Wednesdays 6 - 8 pm; Thursdays 6 - 8 pm

Playing Experience: McKenna has been playing tennis for 15 years. She participated in the USTA tournaments in Southern California until she was selected to play on the varsity team her freshman year at her boarding high school. She was voted captain her senior year and played on the No. 1 doubles team, which took her and her teammate to the Southern California Section CIF Championships her senior year. In college, she participated in the USTA National Championships on the women’s’ doubles team as a freshman. She is a left-handed player, so she also brings different techniques to the table.

Coaching Experience: McKenna was an assistant coach for her high school coach during the summers of 2015 and 2016. She helped to train rising seventh graders, eighth graders, and incoming freshmen in preparation for high school tennis. As a freshman in college, she also was the assistant coach for the Newton Country Day School’s girl’s junior varsity team, in which she organized practices and workouts daily.

Age Preference: McKenna is most experienced with middle school and high school kids, but is happy to work with people of any age.


Yishen L.

Availability: Mondays 7 - 8 pm; Wednesdays 7 - 8 pm; Fridays 10 am - 1 pm; Saturdays 12 - 2 pm

Playing Experience: Yishen is from China. He started playing tennis in high school and was a member of the tennis club at University of Macau. After his junior career, he represented some of the clubs in his region in the Hong Kong Club tennis league. Yishen continues to play recreationally.

Coaching Experience: Yishen has coached in Los Angeles for the past year where he has been teaching juniors and adults. Yishen has a multitude of experience allowing him to teach a wide rage of players of all levels especially beginner to intermediate levels. He has coached at various places like in Macau, Hong Kong and LA. Yishen likes to emphasize the biomechanics of correctly striking a tennis ball in a way that will improve the quality of the shot, minimize the risk of injury and lead to a higher level of competition. Yishen likes to start with a quick 5-10 minute warm up in order to analyze the strokes that he will be working on. After this, he likes to start slow and work on some hand-tossed balls to focus on one specific biomechanical adjustment.

Age Preference: Yishen has experience teaching all ages and abilities and is comfortable working with teenagers and adults.


Kendall K.

Availability: Sundays 12 - 6 pm; Tuesdays 9 - 10 am; Wednesdays 9 - 11 am; Thursdays 6 - 7 pm

Playing Experience: Kendall has been playing tennis for 15 years, competitively for most of that time. She played on her high school varsity team since 8th grade and was voted captain her senior year. She played doubles for most of her career, claiming the State Doubles Championship in 2014. Kendall also competed in many USTA tournaments during the off-season and summer, playing both singles and doubles.

Coaching Experience: Kendall has been a junior tennis professional for the past three summers at a country club in Minnesota. She has lots of experience coaching both group and private lessons of all ages and abilities.


Max M.

Availability: Sundays 12 - 7 pm; Mondays 7 - 8 pm; Wednesdays 8 - 10 am; Fridays 8 am - 1 pm

Playing Experience: Max first started playing tennis at the age of 10 and hasn’t looked back. He played varsity tennis in high school and continued his love for the game by joining the Men’s Tennis team here at Boston College. 

Coaching Experience: Max has spent his last couple summers teaching tennis back home in Chicago at two country clubs for students ages both 10-14 and High School aged players.  

Age Preference: Max is comfortable working with players of all ages, having worked with older and younger students.


Maddy D.

Availability: Sundays 12 - 7 pm; Mondays 5:30 - 8 pm; Wednesdays 5:30 - 8 pm; Saturdays 12 - 7 pm

Playing Experience: Maddy started playing tennis at the age of 6. She grew up playing the sport in the summers then at the age of 10 began competing competitively in local USTA tournaments. She continued to do so throughout high school as well as attending a competitive summer training camp in Florida during her summers. In high school, she was also a member of a competitive varsity tennis team at her school in St. Louis, MO all four years. She played at high as the #2 seed in singles and the #1 seed in doubles. Her team won the state championship two out of her four years and was the state runner-up the other two years. Additionally, Maddy competed in the individual state championship her sophomore through senior years, placing as high as 2nd place in state doubles. She served as captain her senior year. Maddy continues to play in college recreationally with friends and family.

Coaching Experience: Maddy spent the summer after her senior year teaching lessons to children ages 8-14 at a local summer camp in St. Louis, Missouri. She primarily taught beginners the basic fundamentals and techniques of the game, but also worked with intermediate to advanced players to improve their games.  

Age Preference: Maddy is comfortable working with players of all ages but is most experienced with children and teenagers.


Matt R.

Availability: Sundays 12 - 7 pm; Wednesdays 5:30 - 8 pm; Thursdays 6 - 8 pm; Saturdays 12 - 7 pm

Playing Experience: Matt is from Doylestown, PA and has been playing tennis seriously for 8 years. He played all year round at his local tennis club where he participated in clinics and private lessons. Matt has also played four years on his high school varsity team. At school, he played 1st doubles for his freshman and sophomore years, and he played 3rd singles for his junior and senior years. In addition, he was named captain of the team for his junior and senior years

Coaching Experience: Matt began coaching during his freshman year of high school at his local tennis club. He taught private and group lessons to children ages 4-18. He knows a wide variety of drills and is very familiar with proper tennis technique.

Age Preference: Matt is happy to coach tennis at any age level. He mainly has experience with children ages 4-18.


Caitlin H.

Availability: Sundays 12 - 7 pm; Saturdays 12 - 3 pm

Playing Experience: Caitlin grew up playing summer tennis at clubs in Colorado before competing in USTA tournaments. She played #1 singles all four years of high school on the Varsity Tennis Team, qualified for the Colorado state tennis tournament, was team captain and earned All League Honors. She continues to play with family and friends for fun.

Coaching Experience: Caitlin has been a junior tennis coach since she was 16 and was a tennis pro at Pinehurst Country Club in Colorado. She coaches all levels of players, focusing mainly on juniors in group and private drills. Caitlin loves to mix up drills and come up with exciting new ways to make tennis fun

Age Preference: Caitlin is comfortable working with players of all ages, but has most experience with juniors. 


Chris A.

Availability: Sundays 1 - 5 pm; Saturdays 1 - 3 pm

Playing Experience: Chris started playing tennis his freshman year of high school and quickly worked his way up to the varsity squad halfway through the season where he began to play second doubles. He continued his doubles career his sophomore year while playing first doubles for his high school team. For his junior and senior years, he played first singles and was named captain and a Tri-Valley League All-Star during his senior year. Currently, Chris competes in many local tournaments and enjoys playing recreationally with friends.

Coaching Experience: Chris has been coaching at the Waterfall Tennis Academy for the past three years at local camps and clubs during the springs and summers. He primarily has coached kids ages 5-15 but has also coached adult clinics in the past. 

Age Preference: Chris has no age preference and welcomes all clients but has the most experience coaching younger kids/adults.