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Leadership Development & Group Facilitation

Outdoor Adventures is now offering two new and exciting student leadership and student group development programs for the Boston College community. These two courses offer all groups an excellent opportunity to become better in communication and problem solving, and to build great group dynamics.


Teambuilding Program: The Teambuilding Program is comprised of group initiatives and challenges conducted on the ground. This is the perfect program to work on group cohesion, communication, and problem solving. It is open to all student groups and is conducted on a challenge by choice model. 

What’s included: (in addition to facilitators)

  • A 45 minute customization meeting prior to the program. This is an opportunity for Teambuilding Facilitators to discuss what you would like from the course and for us to understand your goals.
  • A 3 hour initiative program with challenges customized for your group. The program gives lots of time to debrief and for discussion.
  • A Community Action Plan developed by the group that will allow the dynamics that develop as part of the program to carryover after the program has ended. 

Price: $25 per person


High Adventure Program: The High Adventure Program is based on using the challenges of the natural world to boost confidence and build trust. Instead of using an artificial “adventure course” the program takes place in nature. This means that you will be overcoming real obstacles and will have to rely on your group to be successful. 

What happens on a High Adventure Program?

  • Climb natural cliffs using your teammates for safety.
  • Rappel from cliff tops. Work through your fears with the help of your team. 
  • Traverse steep rock faces relying on your team for guidance.

The High Adventure Program blends together elements of communication, teamwork, and personal challenge in an environment of excitement and fun. We stress safety and have well-trained facilitators.

What’s Included: (in addition to facilitators)

  • All technical safety gear.
  • A 1 hour customization meeting.
  • A 4 hour High Adventure Experience
  • A Personal Action Plan. This lets individuals give context to their experience and allows them to carryover lessons into their everyday life.

Price: $65 per person