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Jiu Jitsu

Beginner Karate
This five-week program is an excellent fit for learning the core concepts of karate: self-defense and situational-awareness. Students will learn how to out-maneuver their adversary by applying technique over speed, strength, and size. This class is not katas and forms, instead we build on real world techniques of kicks, punches, blocks, and protection, we can even work in some R.A.D. concepts. All classes take place on the indoor tennis court

Advanced Karate
The advanced class will draw from the experience of trained martial art students from a variety of backgrounds. There will be a strong emphasis on discipline and respect as we build increased skills in stand up sparring, clinches, take-downs and grappling. We will continue to develop mental and physical exercises that emphasize endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility. All classes take place on the indoor tennis courts.

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