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Whether you need to get healthy, spice up your workout, or start from the very beginning, BC Rec offers a variety of fitness programs that will help you achieve your goals.

Our Programs include:

We offer roughly 100 free group fitness classes a week in a wide variety of styles and disciplines. Our instructors strive to provide workouts that can be completed by class members of all experience levels and typically workout alongside participants during the class.

Throughout the class, the instructor describes and demonstrates each exercise while providing feedback and encouragement in a group atmosphere. Class sizes are usually large, typically ranging from 10-80 students depending on the space and availability of required equipment. Due to the larger size of these classes, individualized attention and correction can be limited.  

Group fitness classes are free to all members and are located at the Flynn Recreation Complex as well as the Quonset Hut. These classes do not require registration, so members are welcome to drop-in and try a variety of fitness classes. All Spin classes require advanced sign up to guarantee a spot in the class. You may sign up for a Spin class one day in advance at the Equipment Desk or by calling 617-552-0796.

Click here to learn more about Spin class reservations. Non-members with a valid BC ID may purchase a day pass to participate in our free group fitness classes.

Highlights: group motivation, various classes, exercise guidance, free to members, larger class size

*Not currently offered. Our premium group fitness classes also offer great, effective workouts led by our instructors, but most are held outside of the Plex and cater to a specific subset of the Boston College community, like faculty and staff members or graduate students.

Unlike our other group fitness programming, premium classes require prior registration for the session duration, typically but not always 5-8 weeks long, and most have a fee associated with them to cover the cost of space rentals, instructor salary, and additional cleaning/maintenance costs.

These classes offer the added convenience of being held on other parts of campus and allow for more camaraderie with fellow participants since enrollment is limited and classes have a set roster.

Highlights: group motivation, participation is restricted to certain groups, fee to register

For those who prefer a smaller class size and would like more personalized attention from the instructor, we offer a variety of small group training programs, which usually target a specific piece of equipment, workout style, participant age group or demographic.

Small group programs consist of typically 6-8 participants per one trainer and there is more of a focus on progression and skill development over time. Trainers aim to develop challenging workouts that build upon what you’ve learned in their previous classes. The smaller class size allows for the instructor to help each participant focus on achieving specific goals while providing more thorough form correction and targeted motivation throughout the class.  

Small group training programs are usually held in sessions ranging from 5-8 weeks long and require prior registration to reserve your spot. These classes are a great, affordable option if you enjoy having a set schedule to help you work out more consistently and prefer exercising with like-minded individuals to help keep you motivated.

Highlights: group motivation, specialized classes, more attention from trainer, goal tracking, more affordable than personal training, skill progression, fee to register

Personal training sessions consist of focused, personalized workouts with our certified trainers. Trainers will meet with clients to discuss their health and fitness goals and determine their current fitness level, and then use that information to develop a custom, tailored workout to help them achieve maximum results.

Personal training sessions can be purchased in a variety of packages or a la carte. We recommend committing to a longer package to give the client and trainer enough time to develop a strong relationship, create healthy workout habits and see better results. Our trainers will maintain an open line of communication with clients throughout their sessions to address any concerns, keep them motivated, and hold them accountable as they progress. This service includes assessment options, which help to progress and evaluate goal progression. Sessions are offered for a fee and require registration.

While personal training is ideal for most participants, especially beginners and individuals who do require more attention, it should be noted that our services should not be seen as physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Highlights: personalized motivation, tailored workout, special attention, goal tracking, fee for sessions

Our Fitness Outreach program provides made-to-order fitness classes for a specific group or special event upon request. If space is available, the class can be located in the facility of your choice. These services are made available for a fee through Fitness Outreach.

Highlights: made-to-order, fee to schedule instructor

Fitness assessments are available at the Flynn Recreation Complex. We offer two assessment options to members to determine your current fitness level and/or body composition. This information is useful in establishing health and fitness goals.

The Flynn Recreation Complex fitness areas feature a wide variety of fitness equipment for users of all experience levels. It offers cardio equipment, a full complement of strength training equipment and free weights, an indoor running track, an indoor basketball court for large group fitness classes, an air-conditioned spin studio, and three air-conditioned group fitness studios that are combined to form one large space to accommodate our well attended classes. Check out a complete list of our equipment and spaces at the Flynn Recreation Complex

Campus Recreation is offering complimentary 30-minute fitness equipment orientations at 8 am and 12 pm on the first Wednesday of each month for Campus Recreation members. Drop-ins are welcome. The group will meet in the lobby.

The Newton Quonset Hut offers a limited selection of cardio and strength equipment, but also features a basketball court used for group fitness classes and a space for Spin classes. Check out a complete list of our equipment and spaces at the Newton Quonset Hut!

Please review our facility rules and FAQ section

If you would like to get updates on group fitness schedule changes, substitutions and cancellations, as well as new programs, and other fitness news, follow us on Twitter (@BCRecFitness).

Visit our Fitness Center Rules page to get more information on what is allowed in our facilities.