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Beginner Salsa
This is an introductory class for adults who will learn basic salsa steps, turns, and cross-body leads. This is a great step-up program to learning the fundamentals of salsa. No prior experience or partner necessary! See below for detailed course information.

Latin Medley
Ever wanted to impress your friends with some Latin dance skills? This class will help you develop your rhythm and become acquainted with Latin music. Lessons are structured to combine various typical Latin dances such as salsa, bachata and merengue at a beginner level - no prior dance experience necessary. You will learn how to listen to music and build confidence as a dancer. All are invited to register!

About the Instructors

Cameron Halloran & Rebecca Ramjug are our Salsa & Latin Medley instructors!

Visit for more information and to register!

To register online, click the link above or contact Member Services at or 617-552-0797 for additional information.

    - Basic Step
    - Side Step
    - Cumbia Step
    - Right Turn
    - LA Walk
    - Hesitation Left
    - Cross-Body Lead
    - Introduction to salsa rhythms/beats
    - Basics of Leading and Following

Groups generally range from 4 to 20 dancers with 2 instructors. In this beginner workshop, you can expect a brief introduction to salsa social dancing including salsa beats, basic steps, and turns. Classes will often begin with solo work to develop a proper understanding of salsa steps until dancers understand techniques. Dancers will also be introduced to leading and following, and will eventually integrate the various skills to develop good partner work and an approach to social dancing. The class will be centered around instructor-led choreography with partner work to hopefully further the dancer’s skills and interest for social dancing.

Week 1:

    - Introduction to salsa counts
    - Basic Step
    - Side Step
    - Cumbia Step
    - Introduction to solo work and partner work

Week 2:

    - Right Turns
    - Introduction to leading and following
    - Checking a right turn

Week 3:

    - LA Walk
    - Cross-Body Lead
    - Hesitation Left

Week 4:

    - Left turns with partners
    - Spotting
    - Cross-body lead with turn

Week 5:

    - Introduction to social dancing without counts
    - Integration of solo work and partner work

Week 6:

    - Salsa social to integrate skills with various partners