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U.S. Masters Swim Program

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Our Masters Swim Program consists of a team of motivated swimmers who train under the instruction of our experienced coaches. The name might sound a bit intimidating, but ‘Masters’ simply refers to the adult age group (ages 18 and older): the program is open to all Boston College students, faculty and staff members, alumni, and members of the community.

Participants can join for the challenging workouts, to train for a triathlon, or simply to get in shape and have fun. Swimmers have the opportunity to compete in New England Masters Swim Meets, but it is not required.  Practices are offered in both the mornings and evenings, and are designed to get swimmers into great cardiovascular condition.



A typical Masters Swim practice starts with a brief workout overview from the coaches, then swimmers get settled in their respective lanes (organized by speed) and start warming up. Most workouts consist of sets of varying distances, such as “5x100” or “10x150 free.”

These repetitions divide each set into manageable parts. You may also be asked to complete skill drills that will challenge you to think about your body position and stroke technique.

For a sampling of our past workouts, visit the Masters Swim Blog!



Coaches will remain on deck to offer suggestions for improving technique or stroke efficiency and answer any questions throughout the workout. If you are training for a certain type of event, the coaches can give you more personalized instructions to better prepare you.

And don’t be shy—ask for help; most Masters swimmers and coaches are happy to welcome new members. Camaraderie and new friends are two of the best benefits of swimming regularly with a group.


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To register online for Masters Swim, click the link above or contact Member Services at or 617-552-0797 for additional information.

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