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Campus Recreation Rules

General Rules

  1. Members must present their Eagle ID card every time they enter the Recreation Complex.
  2. Any member caught lending their ID to another person so they may gain access to the building will be charged $50 and lose Campus Recreation privileges until the fee has been paid.
  3. Groups of 5 or more people who want to work out in an area together must book the space through the Space Request Form
  4. Any minor, who is a paid member (Boston College Undergrad Students excluded), but is under the age of eighteen and wishes to enter and use the Recreation Complex, must be accompanied by another Recreation Complex paid member aged eighteen or over. The member must remain in the building with their guests at all times. For guests under the age of fourteen, the member responsible for them must stay in the same area of the building with them at all times.
  5. Tennis sneakers are the only form of footwear allowed on the tennis surfaces. Sneakers are the only form of footwear permitted on the basketball courts. Black soles are not allowed on any courts.
  6. Bare feet are allowed only on the Pool Deck and on the Patio.
  7. Eating is not allowed in the Recreation Complex, with the exception of the Pool Mezzanine and the Patio.
  8. Glass containers are not allowed anywhere inside the Recreation Complex or on the Patio.
  9. Smoking, gum chewing, drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco are not permitted in the Recreation Complex or on the Patio.
  10. Members and guests assume all risks for personal injury and damage. If medical assistance is warranted, appropriate medical personnel will be contacted at the individual’s expense.
  11. Recreation Complex members age eighteen and over, and/or a Boston College Undergrad Student, may sign in a guest. The member and his or her guest must fill out a guest card and the guest must pay the appropriate fee per visit. The member must remain in the Recreation Complex with the guest at all times. Each member is allowed to sign in a maximum of five guests per day. If a member wishes to bring in more than five guests, he or she must make arrangements through the Membership Office at least three business days in advance. All guests of students will be charged a Daily Guest Fee. Any child under the age of 5, will not be charged.
  12. Pets, bicycles, and scooters are not allowed anywhere in the Recreation Complex or on the patio.
  13. Rollerblading, in-line skating, and skate boarding are not allowed anywhere in the Recreation Complex.
  14. Balloons are not allowed in the Recreation Complex.
  15. All lost or stolen BC ID cards of faculty, staff or students must be replaced through the Campus ID Office located in Lyons Hall. All other ID’s, lost or stolen, must be replaced through the Membership Office for $5.00. ID cards which have been altered or used by anyone other than the Boston College member will be confiscated at the Front Desk.
  16. Profanity, fighting, lewd, and any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Patrons should treat each other and the staff with courtesy and respect.
  17. Any Equipment Desk rental equipment that is lost or damaged will be charged to the member who signed out for it. The BC ID of the person who signed out the equipment will be held until the equipment replacement is paid.
  18. Non-BC Complex locks will be cut off of any locker.
  19. Please lock up all items and personal belongings. The Recreation Complex is not responsible for any member’s possessions that are not locked up or are left unattended.
  20. Cell phone use is restricted to the Front Lobby and the Patio.
  21. Photography and videography at both the Plex and the Hut are prohibited unless you receive prior approval from BC Rec professional staff.
  22. Patrons are not allowed on the second floor near the offices or on the bridge unless they have business in one of the offices or are watching a racquetball or squash match.
  23. Patrons may not teach any private instruction of any type or bring in a private teacher with them without prior authorization from the Recreation Complex Administration.
  24. Designated areas are to be used for their intended purpose unless prior authorization is given by the Recreation Complex Administrative staff. For example, only tennis may be played on tennis courts, only squash on squash courts, etc.
  25. The track is to be used for walking or jogging only. No sprints are allowed on the track unless prior authorization is given by the BC Rec professional staff.
  26. In the event of a fire alarm, everyone must vacate the building at the nearest exit, as directed by the Recreation Complex staff.
  27. Personal MP3 players are acceptable, but stereos are not appropriate.



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