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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Member Services located?
A: Member Services is located in the Flynn Recreation Complex lobby just before the Control Desk on your right side.

Q: What are Member Services hours?
A: Member Services will follow facility hours for opening Sunday – Saturday. The office will close one hour prior to facility close.

Q: I have a BC ID, but I am not a member. Can I access the building?
A: If you have an active valid BC ID, you may purchase a Day Pass in Member Services.  Student passes are $10.00, Faculty/Staff are $15.00.  You will also have the option to purchase packages of passes. 

Q: I have a BC ID, may I bring in guests?
A: If you have an active valid BC ID, you may bring in up to three guests by paying the guest fee for each guest.   Guests of students are $10.00, guest of faculty/staff $15.00, guests of summer community members $15.00.

Q: If I've lost or forgotten my ID can I still access the facility?
A: You will be allowed access without your ID only three times per semester.  You will also be required to sign in at the Member Services Office and give the Attendant your Eagle ID#.  After the third time, you will be asked to go to get your ID.

Q: Can my child use the facility if I am not here?
A: As a guest, your child is welcome to use the facility by purchasing a day pass or a summer family membership.  However, you must remain in the building with your child at all times if they are under the age of 18.   If your child is under the age of 14, you will also need to remain in the same area of the building as your child, per our facility rules.

Q: Can I purchase a membership for the pool only?
A: No. We only sell full memberships, which give you access to all BC Rec facilities.

Q: Do you supply towels?
A: Yes, towel service is available to all our members for a fee. If you purchase the service you may check out a towel from our Equipment Desk for use within the facility. Once you are done using the towel, it may be dropped back at the Equipment Desk for laundering. You can check out as many towels as you need per day, but only one towel can be checked out at a time.

Q: Are lockers available?
A: Yes, lockers are available through Member Services for a rental fee. Free day lockers are also available at the Equipment Desk. To make use of a day locker, you will be asked to leave your BC ID with the Equipment Desk Attendant in exchange for a lock.  Once you return the lock, your ID will be returned to you.  Campus Recreation encourages everyone to lock up their personal belongings while using the facility. Only Campus Recreation locks may be used on the lockers, all other locks may be cut.

Q: Do I have to stay with my guest in the building?
A. Yes. When signing in any guest you are agreeing to take responsibility for that person. Therefore, you will need to remain in the building at all times with your guest.

Q: Can I have payments taken out of my paycheck?
A. Faculty and staff can enroll for membershing using payroll deduction by bringing your BC ID to Member Services anytime throughout the year. For details on payment, visit our Faculty & Staff Membership page or stop by Member Services.