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2017-18 Intramural Champions

2017 - 2018 Intramural Champions

Phase I

Open Dodgeball: Keyes Penthouse

Open Flag Football: Landsharks

Open Soccer: JUSTICE

Open Floor Hockey: Dust City

Women's Volleyball: Gold Diggers

Women's Soccer: Hakuna Juan Mata

Women's Tennis Tournament: Anne Hines

Men's Tennis Tournment: Nhan Nguyen

Open Wiffleball: Polo Blue Squad

Golf Scramble: Matt Beauchesne & Sam Badeau

Freshman Soccer: Man Chest Hair United

Co-Rec Wiffleball: Ruby Tuesdays

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: For the Mug

Co-Rec Flag Football: Dallas Cowgirls

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Throwbocop

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Free Mugs

3v3 Freshman Soccer Tournament: Show-Show

3v3 Basketball: Big Baller Brand

Phase III

Co- Rec Basketball: Sauce

Co-Rec Competitive Wallyball: I Got Nothing

Co-Rec Indoor Soccer: Game of Throw-ins

Co-Rec Recreational Wallyball: We Need Joel

Open Competitive Basketball: DPLM & the Boys

Open Competitive Ice Hockey: Slithery Serpentines

Open Competitive Indoor Soccer: Net Six

Open Intermediate Basketball: Lessard's

Open Recreational Basketball: Headbands Make Her Dance

Open Recreational Ice Hockey: Lawyers, Guns, & Money

Open Recreational Indoor Soccer: Lads United

Women's Basketball: Sorry

Women's Indoor Soccer: Fake Madrid  


Phase II

Women's Basketball: Alley Whoops

Recreational Walleyball: Banana Land

Recreational 3v3 Hockey: LG & M

Open Recreational Basketball: The Game This Week

Open Competitive Basketball: DPLM and the Boys

Futsal: Net Six

Competitive Walleyball: Don't Need Joel

Competitive 3v3 Hockey: Over-Served

Co-Rec Basketball: M.E.F.


2016 - 2017 Intramural Champions

Phase I

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Joel Don't Know

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Blitzkrieg

Co-Rec Flag Football: Victorious Secret

Co-Rec Recreational: FacePass

Co-Rec Softball: Pants on the Mound

Freshman Soccer: Cush 2 Good

Men's Dodgeball: Aydhin 3

Men's Flag Football: Lots of Gear

Men's Soccer: ABCDE FC

Men's Softball: Dad Get Off the Field

Open Floor Hockey: Buzz

Women's Volleyball: Gold Diggers

Women's Soccer: Fake Madrid

Phase III

Co-Rec Basketball: In Whittam We Trust

Co-Rec Walleyball: The Babysetters

Competitive Ice Hockey: Applebee's

Competitive Indoor Soccer: Justice for Ming

FIFA Tournament: Jack Daum

Intermediate Ice Hockey: Chestnut Hill Chiefs

Intermediate Indoor Soccer: Game of Throw-ins

Intramural Beanpot: Boston College

Open Competitve Basketball: Unsure 2

Open Intermediate Basketball: Beef Stew

Open Recreational Basketball: Spartans

Women's Basketball: Basketball 3.0

Women's Indoor Soccer: Fake Madrid


Phase II

Open Competitive Basketball: Unsure Right Now

Open Intermediate Basketball: Duchesne Reunion Tour

Open Recreational Basketball: Big Guys

Co-Rec Basketball: In Whittam We Trust

Women's Basketball: Basketball 2.0

Open Futsal: Man Chest Hair United

Co-Rec Walleyball: Lutz n Friends

Phase IV

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mama Don't Cry For My Swag

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Tissues

Co-Rec Flag Football: Victorious Secret 6.0

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Jump Jump Jump!

Co-Rec Softball: Pants on the Mound

Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee: Uncle Rico's Chicos

Co-Rec Wiffleball: Here for the Post Game

Open Dodgeball: The Return of the Tigs

Open Flag Football: Free Kodak

Open Floor Hockey: Lint Rollers

Open Futsal: Bring Back Brendo

Open Softball: Abeetza Pizza

Open Wiffleball: We Love Being Considerate

Women's Volleyball: Gold Diggers

2015 - 2016 Intramural Champions

Phase I

3v3 Freshman Soccer Tournament: Slytherin

Women's Singles Tennis: Rebecca Donahue

Women's Doubles Tennis: Dirty 330

Men's Singles Tennis: Matt Holweger

Men's Double Tennis: Roger That

3v3 Basketball Tournament: Chevy

Big, Pink Volleyball Tournament: Back that Pass Up

Badminton Singles: Chris Yu

CoRec Dodgeball: Injustice 2.0

Men's Dodgeball: Keyes Penthouse

Freshman Soccer: East Side

Women's Soccer: Fake Madrid

CoRec Flag Football: Look at these Tight Ends

Women's Volleyball: Gold Diggers

CoRec Recreational Volleyball: Jump Jump Jump

CoRec Competitive Volleyball: Scrubs

Floor Hockey: Bounced Check

Men's Softball: Litterbox

Men's Soccer: FC Ballers

Men's Flag Football: The Guest House

CoRec Softball: Effort to the Wallz



Phase II

Women's Basketball: Ballers

Men's Recreational Basketball: Quirky Chan

CoRec Basketball: Zsims & the LeBrontourage

Men's Competitive Basketball: Daryl's Darlings

Walleyball: Scrubs

Table Tennis: Daniel Borges

Futsal Tournament: Cardboard FC

Phase III & IV

Recreational Basketball: Polish the Hardwood

Competitive Indoor Soccer: BC Futebol

Competitive Ice Hockey: Face Planters

Intermediate Ice Hockey: Hot Boys

Intermediate Indoor Soccer: Show me the Monay

Ultimate Frisbee: Pailate and the Nailers

CoRec Flag Football: Look at These Tight Ends

Men's Flag Football: Litterbox

Men's Dodgeball: Dodge Dodge Dodge

Floor Hockey: Buzz

CoRec Dodgeball: We Aim for That Kid

4v4 Flag Football: Chestnut Thrill

2014 - 2015 Intramural Champions

Phase I

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mama Don't Cry For My Swag

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Steal Ya Bish & The Pips

Co-Rec Flag Football: Look at These Tight Ends

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Sloppy

Co-Rec Softball: Effort to the Wallz

Women's Volleyball: Gold Diggers

Freshman Soccer: Med CFC

Men's Dodgeball: Fruitbread

Men's Softball: Slappin' to the Infield

Men's Flag Football: Saving Ryan's Whole Body

Men's Soccer: Fitz FC

Wallyball: Bomb Squad

Women's Soccer: Man Chest Hair United

Phase II

Women's Singles Tennis: Alex Sullivan

Women's Basketball: Laxeags

Men's Recreational Basketball: Couple of Dads

Men's Intermediate Basketball: Moist

Men's Competitive Basketball: Latrell Sprewell Squad

Co-Rec Basketball: Johnson


Phase III & Phase IV

Women's Futsal: The Grind

Women's Basketball: Slam Dunkers

Men's Competitive Hockey: Beauties

Men's Intermediate Hockey: Back Hand Your Hossa

Men's Intermediate Indoor Soccer: Face Down, Ouch

Men's Competitive Basketball: Dynasty

Men's Recreational Basketball: Brian Miller is a Quitter

Men's Futsal: The Megans

Co-Rec Basketball: Twine Tickla'z

Co-Rec Walleyball: Scrubs

Women's Indoor Soccer: Soccer Shots

Badminton Champion: Emma Adcock

Competitive Indoor Soccer: The Spanish Inquisition 

2013 - 2014 Intramural Champions

Phase I

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Blobo

Men’s Competitive Flag Football: Circus Clowns

Men’s Intermediate Flag Football: Stuff Dat Pass

Co-Rec Flag Football: Look at These Tight Ends

Freshman Soccer: Fitz FC

Men’s Outdoor Soccer: Legal Custodians

Women’s Outdoor Soccer: We Want the Mug

Men’s Competitive Softball: Pandamonium

Co-Rec Softball: Team DIFTS

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mug City

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Latino Spice


Phase II

Men’s Competitive Basketball: 2045

Men’s Intermediate Basketball: Damian & Company

Men’s Recreational Basketball: Stand Up

Women’s Basketball: Way Too Competitive

Competitive Ice Hockey: 24 Hours of Sauce

Intermediate Ice Hockey: Lawyers, Guns, & Money



Phase III

Men’s Competitive Basketball: 2045

Men’s Intermediate Basketball: All American Boys

Men’s Recreational Basketball: White Lightning

Women’s Basketball: Slam Dunkers

Co-Rec Basketball: King James

Men’s Competitive Indoor Soccer: Gentlemen’s FC

Men’s Intermediate Indoor Soccer: Fitz FC

Women’s Indoor Soccer: We Take Shots


Phase IV

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Prestige Worldwide

Men’s Dodgeball: Legal Custodians

Co-Rec Flag Football: Mighty Melonheads

Men’s Competitive Flag Football: Bunning Wall

Co-Rec Softball: No Glove, No Love

Men’s Competitive Softball: Yung Go Hards

Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee: Cool Things Council

Men’s Wiffleball: Ken Whiffey Jrs.

Co-Rec Wiffleball: Balls n’ Dolls

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mama Don’t Cry for My Swag

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Suffern Seniors

Women’s Volleyball: Dat Pass Tho