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MATCH Program


The mission of the MATCH program is to provide club sport athletes with the opportunity to interact with and support each other in both competitive and social environments in hope of building a strong sense of camaraderie among the entire club sports community.

2017-2018 MATCH program team pairings

Points System

Single Action Items
One way to earn points is through activities or events directly with your MATCH pair. These events include, but are not limited to:

  • Acts of spirit (3 points)
    • Creating a playlist, making posters, giving snack bags, sending off a team before a big game, etc...
  • Joint team meal (10 points)
  • Teach your sport (20 points)
  • Joint community service event (30 points)

These activities and events are SINGLE ACTIONS and can only be done once a semester with assigned team pair. All Teach your Sport pairings and Community Service projects need to be cleared in advance. If any teams have any questions or need assistance setting up teach your sport or coming up with a community service projects, the individual in charge of MATCH is responsible for assisting teams with this.

Repeated Action Items
Another way to earn points is through home and away game attendance. Teams can earn MATCH points for attending ANY club sports competition.

  • On-Campus Competition (5 points)
  • Off-Campus Competition (10 points)  

Additionally, teams are required to have a certain number of athletes from their team in attendance to earn points. The numbers are based on team’s size are as follows:

 Men's Crew  7 
 Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby  7
 Men’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Ice Hockey, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer   6
 Women’s Lacrosse, Field Hockey  5
 Figure Skating  6
 Baseball, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball  5
 Men’s Ultimate, Women’s Ultimate, Men’s Water Polo, Women’s Water Polo  5
 Equestrian, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball  4
 Cycling  4
 Men’s Squash, Women’s Squash  4
 Golf  3

Earning Points

Teams will need to tweet from team account and include the following information:

  1. Group picture
  2. Brief description of activity
  3. Tag @BCClubSports
  4. Include a program hashtag
    • #moment2match
    • #clubsportsmatches

Reward and Recognition

The team with the highest number of points by the end of the academic year will receive recognition for their outstanding effort in taking steps to build a stronger sense of camaraderie within the club sports community.