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Flynn Complex Aquatics Center


Plex Pool Resurfacing Project

The Flynn Recreation Complex Pool was completely resurfaced in 2013 to make some much needed improvements to our natatorium, including:

  • Resurfaced pool bottom with new lane line tile markers
  • New tiled dept markers around the pool deck and dept markings on pool gutters
  • Freshly painted walls with hooks for towels, signs,  and new graphics
  • Upgraded HVAC system, including new air socks and improved exhausts
  • New lane lines
  • New backstroke flags
  • New ADA 5 step easy chair for improved access into the pool
  • We will also be installing a new battery operated ADA pool lift
  • Aesthetic upgrades to the diving board stands and meet platform
  • New gutters will be installed within the next two months
  • New starting platforms for the Varsity Swim team


Plex Pool Facts

  • Length: 25 yds
  • Dept: 3.5ft to 5ft
  • 72 lengths (36 laps) equal 1 mile
  • Temperature: 82 degrees (80-84 range)
  • Please check the pool schedule for the correct open lap swim lanes

Dive Well

  • Dept: 12ft in the middle
  • Temperature: 82 degrees (80-84 range)
  • 2 one-meter diving boards
  • 1 three-meter diving board
  • To be used only for: diving, water therapy (aqua jogging, treading), or water basketball


  • Temperature: 104 degrees
  • Max time allowed in spa: 15 minutes
  • Must be 16 years or older to use

Varsity Swimming & Diving

The Boston College Varsity Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving programs practice and compete in the Flynn Complex Pool. Their season runs October - February and all meets are free and open to the public.


Space Requests

Areas of the Plex are available for your event. To see if you can be accommodated, please fill out our Space Request Form online.


Aquatics Center Rules

The lifeguards are in charge of all operations on the deck. Please see them if you have a question or problem. Please make sure to check out our pool rules before your first visit. There is a complete list of pool, diving well, and spa rules and regulations.  The rules are designed to promote health, sanitation, and safety, as well as a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all of the pool users.


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