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Equipment Checkout & Sales

Equipment Checkout Desk

The equipment desk is located in the main lobby of the Flynn Recreation Complex. Members can check out a variety of equipment, including racquets, balls, and jump ropes, free of charge. There are also a number of products available for purchase, a full list can be seen below.

Any member may check out equipment at the desk with their BC ID. Lost or broken equipment will be charged to the member who signed for the article. The individual will not be allowed to check out any additional equipment until all repair/replacement fees have been paid.

*New Items* BC Rec is now selling Hats; Shaker Bottles; Core Power; Power Bars; Luna Bars; Weight Gloves; Boxing Gloves and Wraps!

Equipment For Borrowing

Tennis Racquets
Tennis Balls
Racquetball Racquets
Racquetball Balls
Squash Racquets
Squash Balls
Jump Ropes
Weight belts
Resistance bands (with handles)
Resistance loops (without handles)
Badminton Rackets
Badminton Birdies


Locks may be borrowed from the Equipment Desk at no charge for use with a day locker. If you would prefer to rent a locker for the semester or year, half and full-size lockers are also available at reasonable prices through the Membership Office. Get more information on the 'Lockers' page of our website.

Equipment For Sale

Item Sale Price 
BC Rec Hats  $20
BC Rec Sport Performance Tee  $12
BC Rec Shaker Bottles  $15
Boxing Gloves
Headphones  $10
Shin Guards  $10
Luna Bars  $2
Core Power  $4
Power Bars  $2
Racquet Balls  $5
Racquet Sport Goggles  $13
Shorts (Men's & Women's)  $18
Socks (Men's & Women's)
Sports Towel  $3
Squash Balls  $3
Swim Caps  $5
Swim Goggles  $15
Tennis Balls  $5
Water Bottles  $12
Weight Gloves  $20
Workout Towels  $3
Wraps (for boxing)
Yoga Sticky Mats  $20