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Student Staff Advisory Board

The Student Staff Advisory Board bridges the gap between Campus Recreation’s professional staff and student employees. A carefully-selected, small group of students consisting of representatives from each department suggests ideas for overall workplace improvement and helps plan events. The board provides an empowering and meaningful avenue for change both in and beyond Campus Recreation.

To better represent the complete student perspective in order to foster a greater sense of community amongst Campus Recreation employees.

View the Boston College Campus Recreation Student Staff Advisory Board Constitution
- Adopted January 31, 2018


Board Members

Photo of Rob

Rob (Facility Supervisor)
Rob joined the BC Rec family as freshman working at the Quonset Hut on the Newton Campus. Over the summer, he moved up to his current position and became a Facility Supervisor at the Plex. To him, BC Rec is a foundation of life on the Boston College campus. Whether a student is working, or working out, the Plex and all its character plays a vital role in that student’s time at BC.

Photo of Ryan

Kevin (Intramurals)
Kevin has been working for BC Rec as an Intramural Official since day one of his freshman year. Kevin is also a Supervisor and has refereed several intramural championship games. Officiating has always been a passion of his and having the opportunity to continue it at BC has made his college experience that much better. Kevin believes fitness and health should always be at the forefront of every BC student’s mind, and the various programs offered at BC Rec give a chance for everybody to do something they can enjoy during their time here.

Photo of Marissa

Marissa (Club Sports)
Marissa began working for BC Rec in the fall of 2015. She works as a Student Financial Assistant in the Club Sports Business Department. She manages the funding and spending for the teams by working with team treasurers. Marissa enjoys working for BC Rec because of the friendly people across the departments and because her position allows her to combine her interests in finance and healthy living. Marissa believes that the Plex is where student have the opportunity to develop positive habits, create lifelong friendships, and gain skills to achieve goals that go beyond fitness.


Elizabeth (Aquatics)
Elizabeth started working at BC Rec as a lifeguard in the beginning of the 2015 fall semester. She began working as an Aquatics Office Manager in the 2017 spring semester. She has loved being a part of the BC community, especially because of the friendships she has made. Elizabeth believes BC Rec is a place to make friends and socialize, while becoming a better you!

Photo of Marquis

Willa (Equipment Desk)
Willa is a senior who began work with Campus Rec in the spring of her freshman year as part of the Event Staff and started working at the Equipment Desk the following fall. Through both of these jobs, she has grown to know and love the Plex community, staff, and all the awesome programs Campus Rec offers. Willa loves the welcoming, positive environment at the Plex and enjoys contributing to it through working on the SSAB!

Photo of Rob

Joe (Facility Supervisor)
BC Rec welcomed Joe to the team before his first day of classes in 2017. His career began at the Control Desk, but has since expanded to many areas around the Plex including roles as Facility Supervisor, Fitness Attendant, and Summer Camp Staff. Joe credits his love of the Plex to the relationships that he has fostered with other students and the professional staff. It is because of these relationships that working at the Plex is truly rewarding. Joe affirms that there is no better place on campus to work than the Plex. 

Photo of Rob

Thomas began working at the Plex before his freshman year as a fitness attendant and he became a supervisor in the fall of his sophomore year. He is currently a sophomore and an International Studies and History double major. He joined SSAB during the end of his freshman year. Thomas loves working at the Plex because of his ability to build relationships with members and other staff, as well as being able to work out to relieve the stress of a long day of classes. He finds that working at the Plex has helped him develop in a holistic fashion and credits the work environment in Campus Recreation for his growth.   

Photo of Matt

Matt (Facility Supervisor, Equipment Desk)
Matt has been working at BC Rec since the beginning of the 2015 fall semester as an Equipment Desk Attendant. He began working as a Facility Supervisor during the 2016 school year. He has enjoyed it in every aspect so far, especially building relationships with the members. Matt sees BC Rec as an opportunity for students and members to take time away from their long days to play a game of basketball or take a spin class and relieve some stress. He believes that BC Rec is here to help change your life for the better. 

Photo of Matt

Kaleb (Facility Supervisor)
Kaleb is a commuter student in his senior year at the Woods College of Advancing Studies. He has been a BC Rec employee since the summer of 2016. He started as a Fitness Attendant and then became a Facility Supervisor at the end of the 2017 spring semester. He is starting a new chapter at BC Rec as a SSAB representative and he could not be more excited to take this opportunity to help improve the community. BC Rec helped create important friendships during his time at BC. For that, he will always believe that BC Rec is one of the best ways to create friendships within the BC community.

Photo of Rob

Jordan (Intramurals)
Jordan started working as an intramural official day one of his freshman year, and today he is an intramural supervisor. He has enjoyed his time with intramurals very much, with his favorite part being the people he’s met through work. Jordan believes BC Rec is the perfect way to have some time without stress, whether it be playing in intramurals or working out at the Plex. He is extremely happy to be a part of BC Rec, as it allows him to have fun while staying active, as well as having formed so many friendships through the BC Rec community. 

Photo of Rob

Marisa (Fitness)
Marisa is a senior who began working at the Plex in 2016 as a personal trainer and a fitness attendant. This past summer, she worked as a supervisor of the BC Rec Camp. With each year her love for the Plex and the people in it has continued to grow. Working here has taught her how to use leadership roles for the benefit of others and she believes this community supports and encourages the development of ones best self. Marisa is excited to expand her role further as an SSAB member and work closely with some of her favorite people to contribute to the improvement of Campus Recreation.

Photo of Rob

Aidan (Control Desk)
Aidan started working at BC Rec in the fall of his sophomore year as a part of the Facility Maintenance crew. He has since moved to the Control Desk in the fall of his Junior year and is in his first year on the Student Staff Advisory Board. Aidan is an Economics major with an interest in working in financial services after graduation. Aidan’s favorite part about the Plex is the camaraderie between the students and the staff. He loves to work out and can not wait to get to the gym each day. BC Rec has allowed him to form strong relationships with his peers at the Plex, and he is thrilled to hold a leadership role on campus in a position he is passionate about.

Photo of Rob

Hailey (Personal Trainer)
Hailey started working with BC Rec her sophomore year as a personal trainer and fitness attendant. She is currently a junior communications major and marketing minor. Hailey joined SSAB at the end of her sophomore year out of the love she has for BC Rec and all the people that make it so special. She hopes to make a positive impact on the community and make BC Rec a more inclusive, positive, and fun environment for students and staff.