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What is a Manifest?

environmental health and safety

What is a manifest?

A manifest is a multiple-copy shipping paper that is used to track the disposal of hazardous waste. The form is titled "Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest." The manifest must accompany every waste shipment that leaves the generator's (Boston College) property, regardless of size.


Where do you get a manifest?

All transporters of hazardous waste supply manifests at the time of shipment.

What is considered a hazardous waste?

Unless cleared by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), all waste generated in laboratories must be disposed of according to hazardous-waste guidelines. Fixer in photo developing operations, asbestos, waste oil, and solvents used for parts cleaning are all typical hazardous waste generated at BC. Before disposing of unwanted chemicals down the drain or in the garbage, contact EH&S for a determination.


When do I sign the manifest?

The generator may sign the manifest after the transporter has packed all the material in their vehicle and the manifest is complete. Also ask the transporter if the vehicle has the appropriate Department of Transportation placarding, so that in the event of a release, responders will know what the vehicle contains.


Where do I sign, and should I sign?

If you generate the waste AND YOU HAVE RECIEVED TRAINING FROM EHS, you may sign the manifest. Students should never sign; only BC employees may sign the manifest. Item #16 on the manifest asks for your printed name, your signature, and the date.


What other important information is on the manifest?

The Generator US EPA ID No. (Item 1)

Contact EH&S for the number, but typically, if it is a routine pickup, the number will be the same each time. If the pickup is related to a cleanout, the number will be different each time.

Generator Name (Item 3)

Make sure this section has BC's main address, your department name, and "Attn: Office of Environmental Health & Safety."


Ensure that Items #16 and #17 are completed.

Review the entire document to ensure all items are completed. Ask the transporter if you have a question or call EH&S.


What do I do after I sign the manifest?

Mail all documentation to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Carney Hall, on the day of signing. Take a photocopy before you mail it.  If you receive a copy of the manifest in the mail, please mail it directly to EHS.


How do I know the waste is going where it should go?

After the waste is received by the disposal company, EHS will receive one of the copies of the manifest back. That is how we know it has reached the final disposal site. EH&S also reviews these companies to make sure they are handling waste properly.


Whom do I call at the Office of Environmental Health and Safety?

The main office number is x2-0308. Contact Gail Hall for any questions at x2-0300. We are located in Carney Hall on the fourth floor (inside 400 suite).