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BC Public Safety

Biosafety Program

Boston College's biological safety program has been developed to protect staff, students, faculty and visitors from potentially hazardous biological materials, to assist workers with compliance with regulations, to provide information about standards and guidelines pertaining to biological research, and to promote good microbiological work practices.


Boston College has contracted with CITI Program to provide on-line training in the handling of Biohazards in the laboratory. 

All students, faculty and staff who work with Biohazards should take the Basic Biosafety Training Course, Emergency Response for Spills, and OSHA PPE.  If appropriate to your work, IN ADDITION you should take the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens course (for work with huamn body fluids or other potentially infections materials (OPIMs), and the NIH Recombinant DNA (rDNA) Guidelines course.

Each course involves reviewing the content and taking requiired quizzes.  Once the course is complete you will recieve a certficate, and your course completion will be reported to BC's Biosafety Officer.  

For addional information, contact Gail Hall,; 617-552-0300. - follow the instructions to register.