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Q&A with Professor Aleksandar Tomic

woods college of advancing studies at boston college

Economist Aleksandar Tomic is director of the master's degree in applied economics program at BC's Woods College of Advancing Studies. His academic background includes both teaching and research; he is the author of a range of scholarly papers published in international journals and refereed books. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on economic issues. Dr. Tomic also worked in an economic consulting firm in Luxembourg where he managed and participated in Eurostat-sponsored complex, multi-year, multinational projects in economic statistics, business cycle forecasting and macroeconomics.

Aleksandar Tomic
Aleksandar Tomic

We asked Dr. Tomic to share his perspective on the Woods College, from his own classroom experience to the kind of personalized attention students of all disciplines can expect to receive at the school.

What will students learn from your course?

Why does one company pay better than another? Why should you not search too frequently for an airfare on any single site?  Why do we have government to start with? These are some of the questions we discuss in my economics course.  In other words, we discuss the behaviors of individuals and firms. The key feature of the course is bringing in examples from the world around us to illustrate concepts we discuss in class.

What do you like most about teaching Woods College students?

What I like the most is the diversity of students at the Woods College. They have such varied backgrounds and experiences that translate into an invigorating variety of viewpoints in classroom discussions. I also like our ability to offer small class sizes that really allow students to meaningfully participate in class and allow professors to engage each student in class.

What do you think makes the Woods College distinctive?

Concern for students. We offer a special combination of flexibility, rigor and relevance, but at the core of it all is deep concern for our students. We strive to provide them with outstanding experience while with us, and prepare them for the next step once they graduate. Our schedule provides flexibility for working professionals and students with family obligations, and the rigor and relevance of our courses sets students up for success in their careers once they leave the Woods College. But through it all, our faculty and staff go above and beyond to help the students reach their academic and professional goals.

What have you learned during your time teaching here?

I have learned more about looking at a students as a whole, keeping in mind their non-academic goals while helping them perform academically.

The James A. Woods, S.J., College of Advancing Studies at Boston College seeks to promote not only excellence in education for non-traditional students but especially care and attention to the human person, body and soul, that is the hallmark of Jesuit education. Social media sites: | @BCWoodsCollege