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Office of News & Public Affairs

Northern Ireland’s Bogside Artists Visit
Boston College: Mar. 27-28

CHESTNUT HILL, MA (3-23-12) -- The Bogside Artists -- Kevin Hasson and Tom and William Kelly — will visit Boston College March 27 and 28 to speak about their internationally acclaimed political murals. In addition to private meetings with students, the artists will hold a public address on Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 4 p.m. in O’Neill Library, Room 211.

Mural by the Bogside Artists

The Bogside Artists first rose to prominence for their painted street murals depicting key images of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. The 12 murals, called The People's Gallery, are located in the Bogside neighborhood of Derry which experienced some of the worst violence during the three decades of political and social turmoil. The artists’ signature piece is the mural a young boy in a gas mask readying a Molotov cocktail during 1969's Battle of the Bogside.

As discord gave way to peace, the murals reflected the changing tone, turning from images of violence to ones symbolizing peace. Today, the artists continue to direct their artistic creativity to projects devoted to reconciliation in Europe and throughout the world.

In 1998, Boston College hosted the artists and displayed their work in an exhibition titled "The Troubles: From Protest to Peace."

For more information, contact Boston College Fine Arts Professor John Michalczyk at The Bogside Artists’ murals are featured in Michalczyk’s documentary "Out of the Ashes: Northern Ireland's Fragile Peace."


--Kathleen Sullivan, Office of News & Public Affairs