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Conserve Campus Energy Over Spring Break

Baldwin for 'Get Green' Campaign

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. (March 2011) -- In keeping with ongoing efforts to conserve energy on campus, BC administrators ask students departing for Spring Break - as well as any faculty or staff who may be leaving campus for an extended period - to take a few minutes before heading out to help cut down on wasted energy.

Following these tips can help BC reach its goals of reducing both campus energy costs and its carbon footprint.

  • If you have a thermostat, turn it down to 60 degrees before leaving. (If you're not sure of the setting, leave it alone or contact BC Energy Manager John MacDonald to have the thermostat adjusted for you.)
  • Closing shades, blinds or curtains will help insulate and reduce drafts.
  • Close all operable windows and lock them to form a tighter seal.
  • If the window is broken or won't lock properly, please report it to the BC Work Order Center at ext. 2-3048.
  • Turn off lights, and unplug items left behind that continue to consume electricity even when turned off: task lights, individual coffee makers, TVs and other electronic equipment such as laptops (not your computer) and all chargers (cell phone, iPod, iPad, et. al.).
  • Turn off computer monitors.

More campus energy conservation information can be found at