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Boston College Expert: Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio

Kay Schlozman

cell: 617-955-9989;

Kay Lehman Schlozman is the Moakley Professor of Political Science whose principal research focus is citizen participation in American politics. She also has expertise in broad areas of American political life; parties and elections, interest groups, voting and public opinion, political movements, money in politics, and the gender gap in citizen political activity. Professor Schlozman is the co-author of five books, including The Unheavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice and The Broken Promise of American Democracy. She is also the editor of Elections in America and was the chair of the American Political Science Association's section on Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior.



“Rubio has a fairly compelling biography and if he were nominated, and he could mobilize Latino voters for the Republicans, that would be a real achievement. Latino voters have been wary of the Republicans for a lot of reasons including the Republican economic policies, which are not particularly friendly to people who are making more modest incomes. On average, Latinos are not a high income group. On the other hand, they are a socially conservative group and the Republicans do have something to offer them. So a Rubio candidacy, more than a Ted Cruz’s candidacy, would have potential for drawing Latino voters, if he gets that far.

Rubio is an attractive candidate, he’s a good speaker, he’s good at relating to people so there are things for the Republicans to like but I don’t know how they’ll thread their way through it if Jeb Bush officially throws his hat into the ring.

He and Obama have exactly the same experience. They have experience in their state legislatures and in the U.S. Senate. They have, on the opposite sides of the aisle, the same resume in terms of experience.”





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