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BC Expert Source: Election 2016 -- GOP field


David Hopkins is an expert on American political parties and elections, the US Congress, voting behavior and public opinion. He is co-author of Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics. His current research includes a project investigating the causes and consequences of increasing geographic polarization in American elections. He has shared his insight with local television affiliates, the Washington Post, NPR, and the Christian Science Monitor, and his research has been cited in the Washington Post, Chicago TribuneSlate, Salon, VoxCommentary, and New York magazine.

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David Hopkins

On the 9-16 GOP debate:

"The media will almost certainly declare Carly Fiorina the winner of the debate, as she gave several memorable and polished answers that were received very well by the audience, including a tough response to Donald Trump’s remarks about her looks. She also represents a new face for a press corps that is always looking for a new story and a change in the horse race. However, her chances of actually winning the nomination remain very small. 


"Among the more plausible potential nominees, Marco Rubio will probably be seen by the press and Republican insiders alike as having delivered a relatively strong performance, while the concerns about the state of Scott Walker’s campaign will probably continue due to his less memorable showing. Walker may find it more difficult to win support from Republican politicians and donors as a result of a second straight debate in which he failed to make a strong impression."




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