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Jerry KaneAlexandra Pear
Visual identity

Image really is everything to the digital economy, according to Carroll School of Management Associate Professor of Information Systems Gerald Kane and Carroll School senior Alexandra Pear, writing for Sloan Management Review.

David Hollenbach, S.J.
Rights of refugees

Christians are urgently challenged to live up to their duties to refugees as brothers and sisters in the human family, writes David Hollenbach, S.J., University Chair in Human Rights and International Justice. America

Phil Dumontet
Forbes' '30 Under 30'

Forbes' '30 Under 30' list for 2016 includes Carroll School of Management alumnus Phil Dumontet '09, founder of Dashed rapid delivery services, and Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences alumni Staff Sheehan '11, founder of Catalytic Innovations, and Akash Chougule '12, deputy director of policy at Americans for Prosperity.

Alexa Fleischman
More Eagle entrepreneurs

Carroll School of Management alumni Nick Rellas '13 and Justin Robinson '11, who were named to Forbes' '30 Under 30' last year, talked about the success of their startup Drizly in a Q&A with | Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences alumna Alexa Fleischman '11 is co-founder and CEO of Savvy Society, which aims to inspire the next generation of women in STEM through 3D-printed fashion. Boston Innovation

Rodline Louijeune
Justice for Haiti

Law School student Rodline Louijeune, who had a firsthand look at a humanitarian crisis in Haiti last summer, is part of a new generation of Haitian American activists working to improve the quality of life for the nation's people.

Professor of Chemistry James P. Morken
New 'cross-coupling' catalysis

Louise and James Vanderslice and Family Professor of Chemistry James Morken and his team have developed a new type of 'cross coupling' chemical reaction, building on a Nobel Prize-winning technique that is one of the most sophisticated tools available to research chemists. The team's discovery, reported in Science, is 'of enormous potential value in terms of the development of new catalytic transformations, paving the way for a new generation of exciting research,' according to a perspective piece in the journal. | BC News Release | Sampling of coverage: Chemical & Engineering News, PhysOrg, Science 2.0, Chemicals Technology, Medical News,

Carlo Rotella
A pedal steel virtuoso

An essay in tribute by Professor of English and Director of American Studies Carlo Rotella to pedal steel guitar virtuoso Buddy Emmons, who popularized the instrument in jazz, country, and western swing bands, is included in the New York Times Magazine's annual issue 'The Lives They Lived'.

Juliet Schor
Climate change and 2016

Among thought leaders asked to provide reasons for optimism and pessimism regarding climate change as 2016 begins, Professor of Sociology Juliet Schor outlines four reasons to be hopeful. The Atlantic

Kent Greenfield
Delaware's corporate dominance

In Democracy Journal's '16 for '16' collection of proposals for the new year, Law School Professor Kent Greenfield advocates for an end to Delaware's dominance in corporate law.

Daniel Lyons
Media market shakeup

Law School Associate Professor Daniel Lyons weighed in on NBC's announcement that it will drop its affiliation with WHDH-TV, the biggest shake-up in the local television market in two decades. Boston Globe, WBUR-FM (at 2:11), WRKO-AM, Boston Herald

Sheila Tucker
New dietary guidelines

The latest changes to federal dietary guidelines are a natural result of more research and study into nutrition over the last 35 years, Office of Health Promotion nutritionist and Connell School of Nursing faculty member Sheila Tucker tells ABC News.

Darren Kisgen
Tale of Dragonwood

Take one associate professor of finance, add a few trolls, goblins and ogres, shuffle and prepare to play Dragonwood, the fantasy adventure card game developed by Darren Kisgen of the Carroll School of Management. Created for his children, the game has won fans around the world. Associated Press

David Benoit
Business Journalist of the Year

Wall Street Journal reporter David Benoit '08, who majored in English and history in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, has been named Business Journalist of the Year for 2015 by Talking Biz News.

Thomas Seyfried
Fermentation and cancer

What are the connections between fermentation and cancer? Professor of Biology Thomas Seyfried, who has written extensively on cancer as a mitochondrial metabolic disease rather than a genetic one, comments in Scientific American.

Deirdre Houtmeyers
Haven for women, children

St. Mary's Center in Dorchester serves women and children who have experienced trauma and are living in poverty. Directed by Deirdre Houtmeyers, a graduate of the Connell School of Nursing with a master's degree in administrative studies from the Woods College of Advancing Studies, the center's work was highlighted by the Boston Globe.

You Guo Jiang, S.J.
Global justice; global citizens

Lynch School of Education Professor M. Brinton Lykes, associate director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, has been named co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Transitional Justice. Boston College will also serve as the new institutional home for the journal. | Woods College of Advancing Studies Assistant Dean You Guo Jiang, S.J., is author of the new book Liberal Arts Education in a Changing Society, which focuses on higher education in China and its role in shaping responsible global citizens.

stock market graphic of upward trajectory
BC grads tops at stock picks

Boston College alumni working as analysts and portfolio managers at some of the world's best known hedge and mutual funds beat out graduates from Ivy League and other top-tier universities in selecting high-performing U.S. stocks. Reuters

Tiziana Dearing
The shrinking middle class

The income status of the American middle class is slipping, research shows. Will it disappear all together? Associate Professor of Social Work Tiziana Dearing weighed in on WGBH 'Morning Edition.'

Amanda Turner Russell
In Memoriam: Amanda Turner Russell

Members of the Connell School of Nursing community participated in a Florence Nightingale Ceremony at a celebration of the life of part-time faculty member and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center nurse Amanda Turner Russell January 9 at The State Street Pavillon at Fenway Park. Read more about Ms. Russell, who was training for her first Boston Marathon to raise funds for her hospital’s NICU unit when she was struck by a car in December: Runner's World.

Ray Madoff
Philanthropy watchdog

Law School Professor Ray Madoff has been named 'Philanthropy Critic of the Year' by Inside Philanthropy for leading an inquiry into some key problems in philanthropy through BC Law's new Forum on Philanthropy and the Public Good. Boston Globe

BC seal
BC among Kiplinger 'best values'

Boston College is ranked 19th on Kiplinger's latest list of the top 100 values in private universities--its highest position on the annual survey to date.

Arch WoodsideJean Bartunek
Honorary degree recipients

Carroll School of Management Professor of Marketing Arch Woodside delivered the main address at the advanced degree Commencement ceremony at his alma mater, Kent State University, where he received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree. | Carroll School Ferris Professor of Management and Organization Jean Bartunek, R.S.C.J., received an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from the U.K.'s University of Bath, where she has been a scholarly collaborator and supporter.

Robert Murphy
Economic outlook

Associate Professor of Economics Robert Murphy discussed consumer confidence, interest and mortgage rates, and other financial issues now and in the year ahead with the Boston Herald and WalletHub.

Charles CownieMerijke Coenraad
Advancing Catholic education

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps Charles Cownie and UCTC alumna Merijke Coenraad discussed the program's work preparing teachers for Catholic schools on Catholic TV's 'This Is The Day.' (Interview begins at 14:35.)

Daniel Corrou, SJ
A place of desperation

The controversy over whether the U.S. should accept refugees from Syria is not an abstract topic for School of Theology and Ministry student Daniel Corrou, S.J., who had personal experience of their plight during his time in Beirut. BC Chronicle

Peter Skerry
Clash of generations

Professor of Political Science Peter Skerry has the cover article of the Weekly Standard with his essay on the cultural contradictions of Islam in America. Read online

Sara Moorman
Family ties

Close grandparent-grandchild relationships are often a marker of strong family ties, but these intergenerational bonds come with their own distinctive benefits, according to a study led by Associate Professor of Sociology Sara Moorman. Boston Globe

Kari Hong
Guns and liability

Lawsuits serve as the impetus for common sense consumer product reforms, but the gun industry is exempt from such liability when it's negligent writes Law School Assistant Professor Kari Hong for WBUR 'Cognoscenti.'

Sam Ransbotham
A downside of data

Possibilities created by today's analytical abilities come with responsibilities as well, according to an essay by Carroll School of Management Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham for Sloan Management Review. Boston Globe