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office of university communications

Books, films, music, works of art

Italicize magazine, newspaper, and book titles.

 U.S. News & World Report
 The Boston College Chronicle
 The Chicago Manual of Style

Articles in periodicals, newspapers, and unpublished works, such as theses and lectures, are set in roman type (not italic) and quotation marks.

Joe Smith was quoted in the October 21 Newsweek article “The New Face of Islam.”

In running text, when citing a magazine and newspaper that uses the in its official title, lowercase it and put it in roman type.

He was also quoted in the New York Times.

Titles of paintings, drawings, statues, films, and other works of art are italicized; titles of exhibitions are not italicized, but catalog titles are.

The Pollock Matters exhibition runs through December 2007. In his introduction to Pollock Matters, Claude Cernuschi writes ...

Courses of study and lecture series

Capitalize official names of courses and lecture series, but do not use quotation marks.

He is registered for Elements of Dance.

Robert Mankoff gave a reading for the Lowell Humanities Series.

Academic and professional titles

Capitalize official titles only when they precede personal names; lowercase titles after a name.

Sociology Professor Sally Smith gave a speech.  Sally Smith, professor of sociology, gave a speech.

He introduced Boisi Center Director of Special Events Sally Smith, who is also a professor in the Sociology Department.

Sally Smith, associate professor of English and economics, gave a riveting speech.

See also capitalization.