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office of university communications

Spell out numbers one through nine; use numerals for all that follow. This guideline differs from the Chicago Manual; otherwise follow their guidelines for numbers.

There were three applicants for the position.
More than 25 people applied for the job.

This applies to ordinal numbers as well.

Fourth annual BBQ
25th Reunion Class

Phone numbers must be separated with hyphens.


Ordinal numbers should not be superscript.

2nd, 3rd


Spell out a number when it is the first word of a sentence.

One hundred students were awarded scholarships.

If this seems awkward, try to rewrite the sentence.

Boston College awarded 100 students with scholarships.

Use numerals for percentages.

9 percent (write out percent, except in charts and scientific copy.)

For fractions, spell out and hyphenate them if they are less than one.

one-half, two-thirds, third-quarters