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office of university communications

In general, avoid unnecessary capitals.

Professional and academic titles

Capitalize and spell out formal titles such as chancellor, professor, or president when they precede personal names; lowercase elsewhere.

Sociology Professor Sally Smith gave a speech.  Sally Smith, professor of sociology, gave a speech.

He introduced Boisi Center Director of Special Events Sally Smith, who is also a professor in the Sociology Department.

Sally Smith, associate professor of English and economics, gave a very long speech.


Departments, offices, majors

Academic subjects are lowercase, except when you are describing a subject that is also a language, culture, or religion.

She is a psychology major and English minor.

He works in the psychology department and the Germanic studies department.

The formal names of departments, offices, programs, and institutions should be capitalized; on a second or general/informal reference, lowercase.

He works in the Department of Psychology.

She works in the Office of Marketing Communications.

You can pick up an application at the admissions office.

Places and events

Capitalize University when referring to Boston College specifically.

The words commencement, convocation, and reunion are only capitalized when referring to the specific Boston College event.

Capitalize full formal names of campuses; lowercase generic uses and plurals.

Chestnut Hill Campus, Newton Campus, Upper Campus, Middle Campus, Lower Campus; Brighton Campus; the Upper and Middle campuses. 

Capitalize the full formal names of specific buildings or areas on campus; it’s often unnecessary to use formal names on first reference.

Conte Forum Shea Room; Shea Room

Flynn Recreation Complex; RecPlex; the Plex

When using a school or college name, spell it out the first time and put the acronym in parentheses after it.  You can use the acronym or the School on a second reference.  Do not use periods in these abbreviations. A full list of schools and abbreviations is at Schools and places.

Connell School of Nursing (CSON)