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Purchasing Procedures and Printers

office of marketing communications

Competitive Bidding of Print Work As required by University bidding policy, the Purchasing Office is required to bid competitively all orders of $5,000 or more.

To facilitate these bids, OMC will send print job specifications to Purchasing for bidding. Purchasing will disseminate bid requests to pre-qualified print vendors, adhering to Boston College's bid solicitation procedures, to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all vendors.

If OMC is not involved in the project, the Boston College department or outside designer can submit the specifications directly to Purchasing at When bids are received and analyzed, Purchasing will send a summary of results to the client department and a copy to OMC.

Departments can use the bid summary results to create purchase orders for the projects, using the online UBUY system. Purchase orders are required to commit orders to vendors, to confirm the prices to be paid by Boston College, to authorize the ordering of paper stock and printing ink by the vendors, and to ensure that sufficient funds are available to pay the vendors for the work to be performed. A purchase order also acts as the legal vehicle to relay the terms and conditions of the contract, including the requirement for inside delivery. The purchase order should reference the Boston College bid invitation, the vendor's bid, and any communications that alter or confirm the specifications.

If your printing job is under $5,000 and you would like a recommendation of a designer or a printer, please call Purchasing at 617-552-3055 or e-mail

Print Vendor Pre-Qualification The Purchasing Office, together with OMC, maintains a list of qualified print vendors and designers. Vendors are designated as qualified for various types of print work based on the quality of samples submitted, equipment capabilities, and reference information.

Purchasing will solicit bids from vendors who are qualified and competitive in the types of work being bid. If a particular vendor has performed well for you in the past and you would like that vendor included in the bid process, please include the vendor's name with your specifications. If the vendor is not pre-qualified for Boston College, we will advise you. Otherwise, we will include that vendor in the bid invitation.

Competitive Bidding of Design Work If OMC is not able to meet the client's print design needs, OMC or the Purchasing Department can recommend an outside designer.

If the print design cost is expected to exceed $5,000, Boston College bidding policy requires that Purchasing obtain competitive bids for the design service.

If your job is under $5,000 and you would like a recommendation of a designer or a printer, please call Purchasing at 617-552-3055 or e-mail

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