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International Assistant Program

The International Assistant Program was established in 1980 in response to the needs of incoming international students. The program matches each incoming undergraduate international student with an upper class student, an International Assistant. The purpose of the International Assistant Program is to facilitate the adjustment of new international students to Boston College, Boston, and American life in general, especially during the crucial first month.

Find out more about the program below.

Check out the IA Facebook page for a glimpse into the people and activities of the IA program: IA Facebook Page: Want to Travel at BC?

BC Gavel article: Hillside Chats: Isabella Boutros & Alba Atienza discuss the IA Program

International Student Orientation  

The International Assistants play a major role in the 3-day International Student Orientation which takes place just prior to the freshman and transfer student orientations. This program designed to provide international students with valuable information as well as the opportunity to meet and socialize with both American and other international students. Other educational and social activities are also held throughout the school year to help promote a year long commitment to the program.


Some of the most benefitting aspects of the program are the life long relationships that are formed and being exposed to different cultures. This program cultivates experiences that students remember for the rest of their lives.  Watch the following 1 minute video about being an IA and see for yourself.





The International Assistant Program is therefore designed to increase international awareness at Boston College in that both International Assistants and international students benefit from the experience.