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2016 International Education Week Photo Exhibition

All photos that were selected are displayed









Title: As Far As One Can See

Name: Breanna Dixon

Description: Grand Canyon, Arizona, August 2016.
Travelling to the States had always been a dream for me.The Canyon was the first major landmark that I visited, and standing on the edge of it was when it truly sunk in just where I was. Rock formations stretching out as far as the eye could see, and the endless forever below me took my breath away. I was left speechless and in awe, amazed by the country I had set my feet upon.









Title:  John Lennon Wall

Name: Helen Snyder

Description: This photo shows one section of the John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic. The wall, which has been an icon of the Beatles and their lyrics since the 1980s, is continuously repainted, but it still shows the timeless themes of love and peace. This was taken recently after the Orlando attacks, and in the lower right corner, "Stand with Orlando" is visible.








Title:  Waiting

Name: Ruoxi Zhang

Description: The picture was taken in Boston Chinatown on the Lantern Festival day, 2016. The second generation of the immigrants are well integrated into the larger American community, while their parents or grandparents who settled under very different conditions have kept the customs and ideology from China from a distant time ever since. They made Chinatown a time capsule of life in China in the 90s, 80s or earlier, but nowhere near 2016. It is bewildering to witness the double nature of the Chinese inhabitants in Chinatown. This dislocation has made me even more aware of my own culture identity.









Title:  Old Fort Look Out

Name: Lizzy Barrett

Description: The Old Fort was created by the Boers for the specific purpose of holding captive British invaders. During the Anglo-Boer War, however, the British seized Johannesburg and converted the Old Fort prison buildings for the incarceration of Boers. The building pictured is an old watch tower from the late nineteenth century. Its architecture is in stark contrast to both the bright blue sky, as well as the skyscrapers in the surrounding city of Johannesburg. I was transported back in time to the late 1800’s as I walked around the old walls and buildings of the fort.








Title:  Gateway to Europe

Name: Kit Stebbins

Description: A memorial on the island of Lampedusa, Italy, dedicated to the thousands of refugees who have perished in hopes of reaching Europe by boat for a better life. The memorial is titled, “Porto di Lampedusa – Porta d’Europe” [Gateway to Lampedusa- Gateway to Europe]. Lampedusa is a rocky island that is not quite 8 square miles and is located 70 miles from the Tunisian coast and 127 miles from the Sicilian coast.
This photo represents the reason of why I went back to school to receive my masters in Global Social Work from Boston College- specifically studying refugees & immigrants as well as trauma.









Title:  Óbidos

Name: Courtney Colgan

Description: This photograph was taken in Óbidos, a walled city near the Atlantic Coast of Portugal. In July 2015, I traveled to Portugal to retrace the footsteps of my maternal grandmother, who visited more than twenty years before. My grandmother, who passed away in 2009, took great pride in her Portuguese ancestry and I had always dreamed of visiting. This photograph is one of my favorites from the trip because I think it captures the country’s rich history and culture as you travel outside the more metropolitan Lisbon. The streets of Óbidos are lined with vibrant-colored flowers and artisan shops.









Title:  Spring's Winter

Name: Margaret LaPre

Description: There is snow all year round at the Jungfraujoch, a saddle between two peaks of the Swiss alps. This photo was taken in May 2016, when I had the privilege of sharing my childhood home with a college friend at the end of our semesters abroad. When I visited these mountains for the first time with my family, I remarked how small they made us seem. No matter how many times I go back, this fact and these mountains will never change.









Title:  Recess in Kathmandu, Nepal

Name: Tessa Bloechl

Description: Two summers ago, my brother and I taught English to some young Nepali boys living in a Buddhist monastery. We gave our lessons each afternoon in a small classroom on the ground floor, and then joined the monks in meditation upstairs. One boy in particular, shown here with my brother, made a strong impression with his efforts to commit everything he learned about us to his deepening sense of who we are, and in turn what he might be able to tell us about his own life. Wherever two cultures meet, every word we share with one another is significant.









Title:  Graffiti Wangari

Name: Timothy Carey

Description: I shot this photograph in Nairobi, Kenya while completing fieldwork for my dissertation which considered the inter-religious Muslim and Catholic response to the AIDS epidemic. The street art is a likeness of late environmental leader and Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai who started the Greenbelt Movement to conserve land throughout Kenya with a commitment to human rights and political transparency. The reason this photo is so significant to me personally is that it represents her life and legacy as well as the power of graffiti to tell a story that is at once politically and socially subversive.









Title:  Rice Kitchen

Name: Jae Berry

Description: I spent just over three years attending Tongdo Monastic College in South Korea. Often lost in a sea of unfamiliar culture and relationships, the rice kitchen became a haven for me. Though the learning process was rough, once I had a feel for the fire in the hearth and the smells emanating from the pot, letting me know how the delicious rice crust was coming along, the rice kitchen became a place of confidence and security. Here, monks in their third year take some downtime while first and second year monks tend the fires.









Title:  Beginning

Name: Chunhui Li

Description: This photo was taken after a tough work day in a village. It was not her work, but she insisted on staying until the work was done just for having more time stay with me because at that time, I was going to study in US. Her tired face in this evening sun is so attractive for me. From that time, I know I will love her as I love myself, because she is me.









Title:  Viejo Sabio

Name: Sara Valdez

Description: I went to discover Santiago, Chile by myself. I got incredible lost and wandered into a rundown neighborhood. I began to think about what it must have been like to have lived in Santiago during the Pinochet regime. What it must have been like to live in fear and know that within the walls of the city people were disappearing, and being killed. My thoughts brought to my attention an old man walking through this neighborhood. I wanted to know what his thoughts were. How weird was it to live amongst the same city as if nothing had ever happened?




Title:  [No] Peace.

Name: Zoe Mathieson


This is my home.
My home.
My Palestine.
My Jesus, My Savior was Palestinian.
His heart breaks for the evil that Palestinians endure and for the evil growing in their oppressor's hearts.
Pray for Peace.
Create Peace.
Jesus is Peace.
Jesus wants peace in Palestine.









Title:  Swiss Snow

Name: Hillary Brown

Description: I had the pleasure of representing the Boston College School of Social Work at a conference in Lausanne, Switzerland this past summer. Growing up in upstate NY, snow had never really struck me as special. On my trip to the Alps there was a student from Burkina Faso, and he told me he had never seen or touched snow before in his life. I admired the white caps on the Alps through new eyes that day - and I look forward to every coming snowfall that will undoubtedly bring me back to this memory.









Title:  HK Behind The Hills

Name: Wenyu Huang

Description: I took this photo in Shenzhen, which is a city near the border of Hong Kong and Mainland China. My hometown, Hong Kong, is hiding behind the beautiful wetland. I was enchanted by the view when I took the photo because I did not know there was such a different side of Hong Kong. People often have different impression of Hong Kong: skyscrapers, busy street, and shopping paradise. For me however, Hong Kong is more than those generalizations. It always has a way to surprise me.









Title:  Welcome Back

Name: Freddo Lin

Description: Exactly one year after the graduation from college in Tennessee, I returned from China to the U.S. for law school as an international student. As I rode the motorcycle through the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, I saw a man waving the stars and stripes up and down. I pulled over and exchanged a few words with him. He was doing a summer project for his school: The Natural Beauty of the Country. I took this photo for him and he said, well, welcome back to the United States.









Title:  Magical City Shanghai

Name: Snow Zhou

Description: Shanghai is normally referred as "魔都 (Magical/Mystic City)" in Chinese pop culture. It is a hybrid of eastern and western culture, a jungle of skyscraper, and a former fishing village. Growing up in Shanghai, I breathe in the environment everyday that I almost forgot the beauty of the city. Then on one mid-summer dawn, as I gaze into the sky, I saw the marvelous evening glow that gave the city a truly magical canvas.









Title:  Joy and Luck

Name: Jiawei Peng

Description: The foreground is a paper-cut pasted on the window, which puts the Chinese character "fu" and goldfish in a circle, symbolizing the hope for a better year. The background is a scene of home kitchen, which is kind of a center space for my family. The significance is that when I look through the paper-cut at the kitchen, I'm looking back into my old culture.










Title: The old summer palace

Name: Yinghui Xia

Description: The old summer palace shot on a Valentines' Day.









Title:  Old & New

Name: Emily Sosrodjojo

Description: This is a picture of a glass showcase from my grandparents' house that is filled with gems from my dad's childhood. It contains their memories in the form of pictures and toys. It contains statues that place importance to my grandparents. It contains the roots of my identity. This photo reminds me of the humble beginnings that my grandparents have, and how much old items can be so telling. More importantly, it reminds me of the people who have helped shape who I am today.









Title:  Revolution Redux

Name: Erik Eppig

Description: Taken at Майдан Незалежності (Independence Square) in Kyiv, Ukraine, this photo displays stark juxtapositions between peace and violence; growth and stagnation; life and death. The events of Euromaidan, led to tragic losses in life, which are commemorated in this photo. A young Ukrainian girl, lost in her innocence, dances in front of a makeshift memorial to the unarmed victims killed by Бе́ркут police forces. In capturing this moment, I recognized who the people of Ukraine really are: individuals in pursuit of progress, while locked in a bitter struggle with elements of their country’s past.









Title: Moshav Modin Art Fair

Name: Sarah Gross

Description: I love this picture; it was taken at the Moshav Modin Fair in Israel. A moshav is an Israeli agricultural settler community. The Moshav is the home to hippies who followed the teachings of Rabbi Carlebach. The residents make music, art, and cook and open the doors of the moshav twice a year for people to come buy their crafts and check out their homes. I love this picture because it has a bit of everything in it.









Title:  Shangri-La

Name: Jinting Fu

Description: The photo was taken in May 2014 in Yading, Sichuan Pronvince, China. The place is also known as Shangri-La described by James Hilton in his book Lost Horizon. The snow mountain, the lake, the clouds and the Tibetan flags waving in the wind have made it one of the most stunning natural scenery I have ever seen.









Title:  Fruits, Drinks, Ghanaian Girls

Name: Yi Zhao

Description: Every time our shuttle stopped, there would be groups of young boys and girls gathering around with fruits and drinks on their heads. People there made a living by sell local products to the travelers.