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2017 International Education Week Photo Exhibition

All photos that were selected are displayed






Entrepreneurs in Nicaragua

Photographer: Andrew Kubicek

I spent this past summer in a rural village in Nicaragua where I worked with budding entrepreneurs to build self-sustaining ventures. One specific cooperative I enjoyed working with was a group of 35 women who create baskets using pine needles and string. This photo is meaningful to me because it captures my daily work this summer with the women while also reminding me of the many faces I got to know. Although strangers to most, the faces in the picture remind me of stories and memories that no one can ever fully understand without traveling and living in San José de Cusmapa, Nicaragua.







Denmark's Smallest Museum

Photographer: Anna Scheeler

Nyord is an island in Denmark harboring a mere 34 residents. It used to be a bustling town with a busy harbor. The house pictured, Møllestangen, was once an important aspect of the island. A ship pilot would wait here and when seeing a ship come from the north, they would sail out and navigate it through the narrow channel of shallow waters. One of the ships that frequented these waters was my great-grandfather. Because of the change in transportation modes worldwide, these ship pilots were eventually not needed and thus, the house is now Denmark’s smallest museum.






The Ancient Path

Photographer: Bella Peng

The photo, taken at Beijing Road in Guangzhou, captures the changing urban landscape of China. Dormant under the protective glass is the street remains of Song and Yuan Dynasties. The street was first built by the Qin Dynasty and then renovated by each dynasty that ensued, hence bearing witness to Chinese ancient history. The cracks in the path are still visible, like the wrinkles of an old man, and they blend with the reflection of the neon lights that shout out brands name like McDonald’s and Uniqlo. The juxtaposition of an ancient path and global commerce of modern days poses the essential question: where will the road lead us?





On West Lake

Photographer: Danit Lieberman

I visited Hangzhou, a city southwest of Shanghai. Known for the West Lake, a beautiful expansive lake famous throughout China. It is even featured on the 1 Yuan bill. I communicated, through broken Chinese, with the featured boat rower. How much was a ride? For how long? My friends and I timed it perfectly to be on the boat as the sun set. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.
As he sailed the boat, he pulled out his iPhone, and spoke on the phone. The stark contrast of his traditional clothes, with his iPhone in hand, while sailing and talking on the phone, gave me an opportunity to reflect on change. And how some parts of our tradition will always stay the same, but many, will change.







Heading Nowhere

Photographer: Echo Yiyang Zhuge

I took this photo from the back of my camel in the middle of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. We had been traveling deep into the desert for over three hours on that day. I was praying for sunset so we’d finally stop our caravan and camp, since without the sun, the world becomes pitch-black and dangerous for wanderers. I had worked with children of refugees who had migrated from countries across sub-Saharan Africa into Morocco. And it was during these long hours into the vast emptiness of nothing but yellow sands, that I began to fathom the visceral toil of exile.






Kali Calls

Photographer: Emily Dave

June 2016, Patan Durbar Square, Nepal.
Onlookers perch on monuments damaged from the devastating 2015 earthquake while the goddess Kali gestures to the crowd in a ritual dance celebrated every 12 years for the Shree Bagh Bhairab Jatra (festival). In a state recovering from several natural disasters, still adjusting to the upending and reorganization of its political structure following the murder of the royal family 16 years ago, and acclimatizing to a technological advancing world, Nepal is a place of change. In a world where change as the new normal often threatens cultural heritage, celebrating tradition brings balance and stability.








Juan Mateo

Photographer: Maria Francesca Keller Sarmiento

This photo was taken during a community service volunteer trip to a shanty town in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The program is called "Potencialidades" and it gives children a place to go after school, to avoid them being in the streets. As Pope Francis said: "Today people are suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love. (...) We must restore hope to young people".







Photographer: Hannah Stollery

This photo was taken after an excruciating 6 hour hike just south of Bergen, Norway. My best friend and my sister both hiked it with me and we encountered snow, hail, rain, blistering heat, and deep mud holes. Trolltunga is not experienced by everyone, but there is something wildly magical and mythical about everything you see during the hike. As I laid over the edge of the Trolls Tongue (named because the cliff side looks like a troll sticking out its tongue) looking out at the magnificent Fjord, I swear I saw fairies, unicorns, and dragons playing down below.
Till next time, Norway.







Kids in Myanmar

Photographer: Jing Huang

This photo was taken in a slum in Yangon, Myanmar. That was the first time I was in a real slum, surprisingly it was no better than the situation in the Indian movie, all was real! I saw the poor conditions those children were living in. When monsoon season comes, everywhere of the slum was smelling. They don't even have drainage to release daily waste water and excrement, let alone their food. Furthermore, most of them don't have shoes. I really hope we can do something to improve their living conditions although they look satisfied. May God Bless Them!









Street of Myeongdong

Photographer: Jinyeong Kim

Myeongdong is always crowded with citizens, tourists, street vendors, cars, and everything. Especially famous for big malls and delicious restaurants; you can find a lot of tourists on the street, enjoying their time to the fullest.








An Island of Sea, Mountain, and a Long Walk

Photographer: Jinyeong Kim

Just a week before leaving Korea in July, I went on a family trip to Tongyeong. My dad, being featured in this picture, led us all the way to the lighthouse. Two or three hours of climbing mountain and walking on shaky rocks made me feel exhausted—it was midst of summer!—but I knew I would never forget this precious moment with my family.






Mud, Hope and New Schools

Photographer: Layla Aboukhater

This picture shows our 7th day working with a community in the Amazon jungles in Colombia. This community was displaced by the landslides in April 2017. We were able supply funds and materials for the building of the school, as well as 5 water filtration systems, 200 school bags with school materials, public health programs against stomach parasites to 100 children, and two solar panels to provide electricity for the school and the community. This picture was taken on a beautiful day that started with a feast that the community cooked for us to thank our team and to celebrate the completion of the infrastructure of the new school for the children in the community.









Photographer: Nina Nadirashvili

A small rest stop in Georgia, on the road from the capital city of Tbilisi to the shores of Batumi. A man smokes on the steps, there's graffiti on the walls, and they are selling traditional Georgian bread. My friend smokes a quick cigarette, we take pictures.






Hey, This Is a Smartphone

Photographer: Sanfeng Miao

This picture was taken by me when my partner and I paid a visit to a hill tribe village along Mekong River in northern Laos. My partner was showing them his iPhone and the pictures he took.
These kids live without electricity and clean water, leave alone internet and smartphones. All the people there are illiterate and girls start having babies at 14, 15 years old. Average life span is around 50. It is shocking to face poverty, disease, backwardness so close in real life. The kids were shy but showed extreme curiosity. I heard that an elementary school will be built in this tiny village soon, which I think would be the hope for them to have a connection with the outside civilized world.











Photographer: Suhas Bondre

Beautiful Bombay; A fisherman was fishing and enjoying the city cape of Mumbai in monsoon.






On a Rainy Morning of June

Photographer: Xiaohe Gao

This picture was taken on June 11, 2017, when I was traveling in Suzhou, a city blessed with a combination of tradition and modernity in southeast China. The grandparents and their little girl are entering a 500-year-old Suzhou traditional garden hidden in one of the narrow alleys of the old town. They probably just got the pickles and steamed buns from a small store, and would go back home and have a warm breakfast together after this little morning walk. The grandparents' hiking boots and the zebra on the tiny yellow raincoat are reminding us this is not a day in the 20th century. Otherwise, this is just another rainy morning of June, as in the past hundreds of years.









Photographer: Yicheng Shen

The photo shows an intricate design in a traditional Chinese garden in my hometown, Suzhou. Behind the blooming flowers are the carved window frames. The old wall represents the trace of time. The whole composition shows a good balance of light and depth. The photo reminds me of home and the flower symbolizes tenacity because it blooms in the winter.







Fishing under the Highway

Photographer: Ziyi Wang

This photo was taken in Hong Kong Island, from which you could see the main industrial area across the harbor. There were two men doing fishing under the high way. However, what drew my attention is how those two guys reached the place where they were standing on? They swam there? They took a boat there? Both unlikely. Hong Kong is categorized as developed area, but we could still see sharp contrast between modern and old life style. Hong Kong is still changing, and every developing place in the world takes steps to change.