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International Education Week - Photo Exhibition - November 12th-16th

How To Submit Your Photo

First, review the photo submission requirements below and make sure your photo meets the requirements. Then, go to the Photo Submission Page,  fill out and submit the form. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the form before submitting the actual photo to Yves Bruno at


Exhibition Description

This year's International Education Week is happening November 12th-16th, and our International Photo Exhibition will take place throughout the month of November in the LEVEL ONE GALLERY, O'Neill Library.

This year's photo exhibition theme will be "Embracing Challenging Conversations: Moving Towards Reconciliation Locally, Nationally, and Globally".


Photo submissions are welcome from all members of the BC Community!


Photos should have been taken outside the US and should highlight "the embracing of culture/challenges" or/and "reconciliation" in some shape or form whether that is through customs, places or costumes (NO SELFIES). Every photo should also be accompanied with a description.  If you are an international student, submitting a photo taken inside the US, which also embraces the theme, is more than welcome. That being said, we do not have any specific standards on what can and cannot be submitted; if you feel an international photo is significant, please submit it.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 8th

After the deadline, we will review all the submissions. You will be notified via email to let you know if your photo has been chosen be included in the exhibition. Please do not be discouraged by the selection process. As long as the photo is significant, it will be included in the exhibition. We aim to exhibit 50-75 photographs.

Photo Requirements

1. Photo must be international (taken outside the US) or if you are an international student it can be from inside the US.

2. Photo must be meaningful or significant to you.

3. You are required to submit a short paragraph- 100 words or less- explaining the photo and its meaning or significance.

4. Photo must be in  jpeg (.jpg) format.

5. The photo must be a minimum of 2400x3000 pixels. (On a PC- If you right click on a photo and go to properties, then click on the details tab, the pixels will be displayed there) (On mac if you right click on the photo (ctrl+click) and go to "get info" the pixel dimensions will be displayed). If your photo is greater than these dimensions, no problem, just submit it and we will reduce it. If it is excessively large, you may not be able to email the photo as an attachment; in this case you will need to reduce it in size yourself before sending. If your photo is smaller than these pixel dimensions it will not print at our desired size with exhibition quality, therefore, these photos wont be accepted.

6. You must change the file name of your photo to your first and last name, in this format: FirstName_LastName.

Your photo will be professionally printed (exhibition quality), matted, mounted and displayed during the whole month of November in the LEVEL ONE GALLERY, O'Neill Library.