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april 2008

The OISS carries out an Employment Workshop Series for International Students, providing information on immigration regulations related to work, tips on interviewing and job-searching, and finally, rounds off the series with the annual International Student Career Panel. This year’s panel was held on Thursday, April 10, and featured a panel of five current and graduated BC international students. The panelists included a current senior and PhD in Finance grad student, an MBA and PhD in French graduates of 2007, and a Masters in Accounting graduate of 2006. The panelists were able to answer questions, share their experiences, and provide excellent perspective and advice to the students in attendance.

Every year approximately 130 international students apply for practical training, so to seek employment in the US. The key to this process, as our panelists all emphasized, is to start early, to understand the regulations to your international status, and to confidently bring your international student identity to the interview. Many students reflected on their interviewing experiences and shared that the more practice they got, the better! The career center at BC provides mock interviews, as well as support with cover letters and resumes. The panel also encouraged students to reach out and connect with their interviewers. The impression these panelists have of the US interview is one of establishing social connection, just as much as appealing to the interviewing because of your accomplishments and skills. Interviewers, as one panelist put it, are looking for a colleague, not just an employee. International students should also have a grasp of the immigration regulations regarding their employment so to educate the employer if they are less knowledgeable about this issue. The OISS is always available to provide resources, direction, and support, and is grateful for the ways the Employment Workshop Series has served so many students in their unique employment choices and pursuits! The OISS wishes everyone the best in their work endeavors!