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1st Annual Boston College International Prom

The first International Student Prom was held on November 20th in the Yawkey Center. The sold out event was sponsored by the International Club of Boston College (ICBC) in association with the International Assistant Program.  The 200 students in attendance danced all night to DJ Jim Fields (class of 2010) while stopping to pose for photographs for photographer Becky Barbrow (2010) and vote for prom queen and king.  Towards the end of the night, Banky Cardoso (2010) and Ashley Kallarakal (2011) were crowned king and queen of the prom. 

The prom was such a success that ICBC hopes to sponsor another dance in the future.  ICBC vice president, Veronica Faubert (2011), said that the planning process was a bit hectic, but she was “thrilled to see both international and American students interacting, dancing and enjoying the night.”  Ricquelle Jeffrey, another prom organizer, was also pleased with the prom’s outcome, “I thought it was a great success and I’m happy everyone enjoyed themselves.”  Carlotta Rinaldi (2010) assisted in the planning process and agreed that all of their hard work was worth it, “I think it turned out to be a great event…exactly what we wanted: formal, classy and fun and the music reflected it.”  Since freshmen year, Carlotta dreamt of having a prom like the ones she has seen in American movies, and the international prom gave international students the chance to experience this American tradition.  Thank you to ICBC and the IAs who made the event a success.  We hope to make the International Prom an annual event.