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Halloween and Thanksgiving Social

IA and IS Halloween Social

The OISS would like to thank all of the international assistants and international students that made this year’s Halloween Social a success.  The event took place on Thursday, October 30th in the O’Connell House.  The social included lots of candy, cookies and other sweets as well as costume and pumpkin carving contests.  The jack-o-lantern contest was highly competitive, but there was one clear winner of the costume contest.  French exchange student, Romane Mouterde’s fairy costume was the clear favorite. 

The excitement of the event inspired Irish exchange student, Brian Curtin, to place a jack-o-lantern on his head and dance around.  International assistant, Ricquelle Jeffary, also enjoyed the event because “it brought together all of the IAs and international students after a month since our last event.”   

IA and IS Thanksgiving Dinner

On Sunday, November 16th, the OISS sponsored their annual IA/IS Thanksgiving dinner.  In order to have the international students experience the American holiday, the international assistants cooked traditional Thanksgiving food including four large turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and a variety of desserts.  The OISS would like to thank the approximately 100 students that participated in the event and give a special thanks to the IAs that shopped for and prepared the delicious food. 

halloween halloween halloween
halloween halloween halloween