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David Martin Ssentamu


Father David 

My name is David Martin Ssentamu, a catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Kampala, Uganda. I have been a priest for two years. I was born in 1977, the first born in the family of 10 children. Perhaps it sounds like a joke to many American families I see with few children! 


This first appointment challenged me to pursue the studies that I am doing currently here at BC. I used to meet many young people with different questions and in my judgment many of these questions looked more psychological in addition to their spiritual nature. So I kept looking for an opportunity of adding Counseling Psychology to my studies. Last year I was privileged to visit a parish here in Boston. I got to know of an Open house that had been prepared by IREPM. I decided to attend, and I found out that there was an opportunity to pursue a dual degree that I am now doing.


So I began with STM this year, and next year intend to take courses in LSOE. I am doing MA/MA Pastoral ministry/Counseling Psychology. I am very glad that I chose STM! The administration is trying its best to ensure that we feel at home. It can be painful to come in a foreign country especially as a student and you feel that you are not welcome. Boston College is doing her best to make us feel welcome. Yet a lot can still be done to make the foreign students feel welcome.


So far I have been enjoying my stay here in Boston. I am only a little worried about the falling temperatures each day! Sometimes I think of the better weather in my country and this at times makes me home sick! But thanks to the lovely people I live with who try to make me feel at home despite the cold!


During my free time back in my country I would hang out with my friends, and at times I would move out to enjoy nature. In this country I am still trying to figure out what could be the best for me. Otherwise I am an outgoing person. I hate being strict with myself and my life in general.


My favorite book is the Bible. I look at it as a love letter from a loved one! I also enjoy other adventurous writers. My favorite food I have never seen it here. It is cassava mixed with beans. This is one of the Ugandan foods.


After my studies here, my dream is to give hope to many hopeless young people in my country. My country has been ravaged by a two decade war that has left many orphans and many young girls who now find themselves in sex trade on the streets. Many of these youths do so not simply out of their own free will, but only because the situations have forced them to be so.  I pray that God assists me as I finish my studies to raise some money to open a counseling center that will be used to rehabilitate such people and to give them hope which in many cases society denies them. I believe it is better to light one candle than to curse darkness. My dream looks like a drop in the ocean, but Mother Theresa said that the ocean would be less without that drop! So I believe my dream can make a change in the lives of some of these hopeless people!