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The Steering Committee for the International Assistants Program will begin their training and planning for the upcoming recruitment and selection process. Every Spring the International Assistants Program sets out to draw applicants from all parts of the student body in hopes of recruiting more talented and committed students who will serve in the upcoming year as IAs. The selection process involves online applications and essay questions that are carefully reviewed by trained committee. Applicants also register to complete a formal interview with a team of International Assistants. Applications will become available on Monday, February 25th on the ia website and the deadline will be Monday, March 31st.


This interview allows students to bring their personality and gifts beyond the written application, and is another important part of the decision-making and selection. After completed months of application reviews and interviews, the Steering Committee will work closely with the Office of International Students and Scholars to make the selection choices for the IA Program. Students interested in applying to this program can learn more by reading the program description online, as well as highlights in various newsletters from the past. The program is described by many as a unique, rewarding, formative opportunity that allows students to develop skills while also forging valuable relationships and community.