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Know Your Rights

Updated March 6, 2017

What if I am stopped or questioned by the FBI, immigration officials or other government officers?

Please always rememeber you have rights.

Provided below, are links to resources from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) and the Immigration Law Resource Center (ILRC) that have useful information on what to do if you are stopped and questioned:


BC: Hate Crimes and Bias-Related Incident Protocol

ACLU Know your rights if your're asked about your immigraiton status 

ACLU Printable cheat sheet: What To Do If You're Stopped by the Police, Immigration Officials or the FBI

ACLU VIDEO: What to do if stopped by police or ICE

National Immigration Law Center: Know Your Rights

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

American Immigration Lawyers Association

Protesting as an International Student in the U.S. 


​Electronic Devices

For students who like to travel with electronic devices, here is what the US Customs and Border Protection have posted about inspecting Electronic Devices: 


Inspection Of Electronic Devices

Privacy Concerns In Border Searching Electronic Devices