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Transfer Procedures

Procedures: The student must follow the transfer procedure outlined below:

  1. Enroll at the new institution for the next possible term. Inform the new school that you are currently an F-1 or J-1 student.

  2. Notify the International Student Office at the previous institution of your intention to transfer (this should be done even if you have completed a program at your former school).

  3. Depending on the school, you may also need to obtain a transfer form from the new institution that allows your former school to verify your immigration status.

  4. With the new SEVIS system, you will now carry the same SEVIS number throughout your studies in the U.S. Therefore, the former university will “transfer you out” and “release” your record electronically to your new school. The new school will not be able to print your new DS-2019 until the “release date” specified by the former school. Your SEVIS DS-2019 must be electronically transferred out within 60 days of completing your studies at the former institution. In order to remain in the U.S., you must begin attending classes at the new institution within five months of the program completion date on the current DS-2019 or within five months of transferring out of the previous school, whichever is earlier.

  5. Report to the International Student Office at the new institution within 15 days of beginning classes at the new school in order to “complete” your transfer.