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Review of International Student Finances

All international students should be fully aware of the increasingly high cost of living in the U.S. as well as the following information about international student finances:

  1. Financial Aid: Most financial aid at Boston College is tied to federal funding. Since international students may not receive U.S. government aid, they are not eligible for financial aid at Boston College.

  2. Scholarships and Tuition Remission: No scholarship aid is available to undergraduate international students. Graduate students may receive tuition remission, fellowships, and assistantships through their graduate school, but these can only be guaranteed for one year at a time. Students should keep in mind that even full graduate school support (consisting of an assistantship and tuition remission) cannot fully cover all expenses, and therefore additional personal funds will need to be certified.

  3. Financial Certification: Students attending Boston College for more than one year will be required to submit an updated financial certification every year if their initial certification covers only the first year.