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How are students selected

How are students selected?

Consideration for Montserrat is based on a student's individual financial need.  The Office of Financial Aid designates which students qualify as Montserrat students. It is important to note that should your student's financial aid package change from one year to the next and they fall out of the "Montserrat range", they will still remain a Montserrat student throughout their career.

Students are designated 'Montserrat' based on their individual financial aid packages. The decision as to which students are Montserrat eligible is made solely in the Office of Financial Aid. At the start of each academic year, Montserrat receives an updated list of students. This list provides the contact information of students and no actual account of the student's Financial Aid Award. The names of each Montserrat student is strickly confidential and only known to our office and the Office of Financial Aid.