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Our mission is to provide students with access and support to all areas of student life not incorporated in a financial aid package. We strive to guide students in fulfilling the Jesuit initiative holistically.

What is Montserrat?

Montserrat is an office in the Division of Mission and Ministry that supports students at the highest level of financial need on campus.


Montserrat History

Our initiative began in 2008 with the combined efforts of students, faculty and administrators to provide free entrance to a limited number of social events on campus. As the program expanded, Montserrat began offering free tickets to many more campus events such as sporting events, dances, concerts, movie premiers, cultural events, and theater productions. Additionally,Montserrat has assisted students with funding for EMT courses, retreats, service programs, independent study, and research.

The Montserrat Office continues to grow and work to build a more just and welcoming community for students of all economic backgrounds at Boston College. We currently serve about 1400 Montserrat students, which makes up roughly 15% of the undergraduate student body at Boston College.


Get Involved!

New Mentoring Program: Montserrat Dinner Club

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