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New Vocabulary List

A Brief Guide

Photo of Montserrat Students

Retreat: We describe retreats as opportunities for students to pause and consider their experiences thus far and those to come. Often, though not always, they are a chance to escape the BC bubble and visit one of the many beautiful, serene retreat locations. Though many are religiously affiliated, many are secular. No matter his or her academic focus or individual background, there is a retreat for every student here at BC.

48Hours: FYE will certainy introduce and describe 48Hours far better than we ever could. The important part to note is that all Montserrat students are eligible for financial assistance to attend, and we strongly encourage all freshmen to consider attending. 

Kairos: One of the most popular retreats offered on campus, Kairos allows retreatants the opportunity to reflect on their relationships with faith, themselves, and others. The retreat is a student-run, first-level retreat, appropriate particularly for   those who may never have been on a retreat before. The Kairos Retreat Program at BC is an intensive experience from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, ten times each academic year.


Photo of students abroad

Service: You know that the Jesuits root themselves in a mission based on service, but you should also know that the atmosphere touches on BC students at well. At BC you will find students applying and interviewing to partake in some service trips. Some programs are selective, and not all who apply will be asked to attend. Some programs are in the U.S. while others are international. Though it is not required, we suggest students explore their options for service and get involved in a program that interests them. 

  • Deposit fee: Most programs require students selected to attend to pay a deposit fee. Depending on the number of interested students, we try to cover the full cost of this deposit fee so our students can participate. 
  • Fundraising campaign: Most programs also require students to fundraise a certain amount to contribute to the costs of traveling and lodging. This fundraising is typically done through letter campaigns. Our students meet with us to go over techniques of fundraising as well as to build the actual letter. 

"Men and Women for Others": One of the key mottos of the university, 'men and women for others' is a notion that at BC we strive to be our own personal best so that we can most adequately serve our surrounding communities and the greater world. 

Study Abroad: More than 50% of undergraduates have an experience abroad during their time at BC. Some are through service programs, but most are through study abroad. These experiences are crucial to helping students realize their roles as global citizens. For BC-approved programs, the student’s BC financial aid will transfer directly over to the foreign institution. There are also multiple scholarships for which Montserrat students are eligible. Though it sometimes requires some extra effort on the student’s part, we do feel study abroad is a pivotal chance for growth and learning.