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Ignatian Society

Campus Ministry

Patrick Downes, BC '05, Psy.D., gave the Ignatian Society's inaugural AMDG Lecture. Downes, BC High '01, was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing alongside his wife, Jessica Kensky.

The Ignatian Society of Boston College serves to promote the spirit and tradition of St. Ignatius and the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). Our work focuses on two key areas: Keeping graduates from Jesuit high schools connected to their BC peers, and Promoting the tenets of Jesuit spirituality across the wider BC campus.

More than 650 BC students have graduated from Jesuit high schools in the U.S. and across the world. Many of our programs – including our popular Weekly Examen on Wednesday nights – are open to the entire campus. We encourage you to join us as we together seek the greater glory of God.

The Weekly Examen, on Wednesdays at 9:45 p.m., is among our most popular programs and is considered a foundation of Ignatian spirituality. St. Ignatius thought that, if we were to offer no other prayer, we should at least pray the Examen daily.

The Ignatian Society’s Weekly Examen – held in the Manresa House – is 15-minutes of peer-led reflection looking over the course of one’s week, recognizing God in our lives, and closing with a commitment to seeking the magis in the days ahead.

All are welcome!

The Lunches with Jesuits program offers students the chance to have a lunch with a member of the Jesuit Community at Boston College.

The lunches are held throughout the semester in the dining room in Saint Mary’s Hall, the home of BC’s Jesuits. Groups of four to six students are hosted by one of the Jesuits for great food and candid conversation. It’s an excellent way for students who haven’t yet met a Jesuit to do so.  

If you are interested in attending, contact

The Ignatian Society sponsors a monthly service opportunity to Jesuit works in the Greater Boston area.

We regularly visit the Campion Health Center for conversation and fellowship with retired Jesuits living there. The members of the Jesuit Community living at Campion are always very grateful to see students from Boston College.  

All are invited to join us for a visit with these great Jesuits who have dedicated their lives to the greater honor and glory of God. BC students’ presence inspires them and they, in turn, are a source of great inspiration for us.

The Ignatian Society's Alumni Programs committee organizes and facilitates events for the 600+ Jesuit High School alumni at Boston College. These events include our Annual Jesuit High School Barbecue, high school “reunion” dinners, and other opportunities for fellowship.

Alumni Programs: Connor Lynch, ’20, Fairfield Prep ’16, and Jack Sanborn, ’20, Gonzaga College HS ’16 (co-chairs), Brigid Kelley, ’19, Jesuit HS Portland ’15; Chris Mayer, ’21, St. Joe’s Prep ’17, and Chris Meloni, ’19, Gonzaga College HS ’15

Communications: Aidan Coyle, ’20, Fairfield Prep ’16 (chair)

Examen: John McQuillen, ’19, Gonzaga College HS ’15 (chair); Danny Conte, ’19, St. Ignatius College Prep ’15; Sergio Farina, ’20, Jesuit HS Tampa, ’16, and Catie Sinclair, ’20, Cheverus ’16

Lunches with Jesuits: Aubrey Horton ’19, Loyola Academy ’15 (chair); Sal Buzzerio, ’21, Fordham Prep, ’17; Pat Miskovsky, ’19, Gonzaga College HS ’15; Luke Twardowski, ’19,  St. Louis University HS, ’15, and Sophie West, ’21, Gonzaga Prep ’17

Outreach: Nick Redmond, ’19, DeSmet ’15 (chair); Paul Boyce, ’21, Gonzaga College HS ’17; Scott Andreas, ’20, St. Peter’s Prep ’16

Service: Jack Bosken, ’20, Fairfield Prep ’16 (chair); Colin Derdeyn, ’19, St. Louis University HS, ’15; Ryan Trueman, ’21, Loyola Academy, ’17, and Liam Walsh, ’21, Loyola Academy, ’17

Speaker Series: Henry Hawley, ’20, Loyola HS ’16; Jimmy Airoldi, ’21, Marquette University HS ’17, and Ally Moran, ’20, Regis Denver ’16

Co-Presidents: Bobby Mastrogiacomo and Bobby Scannell, ’19, both BC High ’15

Advisor: Ryan Heffernan, ’06

Jesuit Companion: