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Puebla, Mexico Program

Arrupe International

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Trip Destination
Puebla, Mexico

Trip Dates
Approximately 8–10 days at the end of Winter Break

Coordinating Organizations
Boston College Campus Ministry, in collaboration with Community Links International, an organization that has partnered with BC delegations for many years.

Important Safety Informationview the U.S. Department of State Travel Warning for travel by U.S. citizens in Mexico and a response from the Arrupe Program's longtime in-country partner organization coordinating the Puebla trip, Community Links International.


Community Links International Mission

“Community Links is a service-learning, volunteer, and international educational organization. Through cross-border, cross-cultural immersion experiences we provide people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to learn about the interconnectedness of our local, national, and global realities. We also teach participants to recognize how our lifestyles, values, choices and consumption patterns affect people, cultures and the environment the world over . . .

One of our main goals is to connect the local with the global. By local we mean that reality which deals with immediate personal relationships, truly representative and inclusive political participation and community value systems. We strive to create economic, political and social systems that nurture local communities and individuals.  Specifically, our programs are aimed at strengthening local developmental processes, micro-entrepreneurial efforts and ecological recovery. We continuously explore our worlds and analyze our assumptions through experimental learning, and we constantly re-evaluate our efforts and results so as to adjust strategically for the future. In this way, we create a solid base from which to deal with the larger global issues.”


Puebla, Mexico Trip Itinerary

The BC delegation travels to Puebla, and the surrounding area, in central Mexico, where they collaborate with in-country partner organization, Community Links International, in creating their service immersion experience. While in Puebla and the surrounding area, participants spend time each day sharing in various work projects along with the people of the local community. Much of the service work is agricultural in nature. There are also opportunities in the afternoons to spend time with children in an after-school program. Participants hear from various community leaders involved in people-empowered initiatives to learn about the issues facing the local community and engage in discussions on the social, economic, political, and religious dynamics that continue to affect Mexico, and specifically the Puebla region and its people. Participants also have the opportunity to visit la Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, the local Jesuit University, to explore how the Jesuit mission is being actualized locally.

Additionally, participants spend a few days with families in Cholula, a nearby community that continues to struggle in poverty. Cholula will once again host B.C.’s delegation and share with participants their life experience.




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