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Guatemala Program

Arrupe International


Trip Destination
Guatemala, Central America

Trip Dates
Approximately 8–10 days at the end of Winter Break

Coordinating Organizations
BC Campus Ministry, in collaboration with the Center for Global Education (CGE), an organization that has partnered with BC delegations for many years.

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The Center for Global Education Philosophy

The pedagogy of all programs encourages an interdisciplinary approach to learning in which the content and process are strongly interrelated.  Participants are both teachers and learners, engaged in a continuing interplay between action and reflection.  The method is participatory, problem-posing and experiential.  Participants are invited to consider both theory and application in the context of their own experience.


Guatemala Trip Itinerary

The BC Guatemala delegation travels to Guatemala where program participants collaborate with long-time in-country partner, the Center for Global Education, in creating their immersion experience.  Guatemala is a beautiful country with a tragic history, including a 36-year civil war, 1960-96, whose effects still resound today.  The Center for Global Education designs the trip’s itinerary and coordinates each day’s activities, which include meetings and conversations with representatives of the Church, including Jesuits affiliated with the local Jesuit university, government, political parties, and non-governmental organizations involved with and committed to human rights and land rights, globalization and trade, sustainable agriculture and development, post-war transition and reconciliation, as well as health and education and other topics.  While learning about macro-level social, economic, political and religious issues from various perspectives, participants have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the joys and struggles of people impacted by policies and situations beyond their control. 

Participants also spend time in both San Lucas Toliman, a small town in the central highlands, and stay with families in Santa Anita, a rural community in the western part of the country, learning about projects inspired by Guatemalans who live in these regions, involving coffee production and processing, land appropriation, reforestation, etc.



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