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Meet the Staff

photo of Fr. Tony

Fr. Tony Penna, Associate Vice President and Director of Campus Ministry
(617) 552-3475 |

Photo of Chris Darcy

Chris Darcy, Associate Director
(617) 552-4957 |

photo of Carly Anderson

Carly Anderson
Campus Minister for 4Boston
(617) 552-4829 |

photo of Chris Cichello

Christine Cichello
Campus Minister for CLC
(617) 552-0855 |

photo of Marilu DelToro

Marilu Del Toro
Campus Minister
(617) 552-0597 |

photo of Rev. James Hairston

Reverend James Hairston
Campus Minister for Multi-Faith Programs
(617) 552-8308|

photo of Billy Kavula

Billy Kavula
Campus Minister for Liturgical Ministries
(617) 552-4667 |

photo of Joyce Murphy

Joyce Murphy, Administrative Assistant
(617) 552-3475 | 

Photo of Ryan Heffernan

Ryan Heffernan, Associate Director
(617) 552-3170 |

photo of Meyer Chambers

Meyer Chambers
Campus Minister for Liturgical Arts
(617) 552-1398 |

photo of Marissa Corliss

Marissa Corliss
Campus Minister for Kairos
(617) 552-8002 |

photo of Emily Egan

Emily Egan
Campus Minister for Retreats
(617) 552-3478 |

photo of Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes
Campus Minister for Appa
(617) 552-8307 |

photo of Ellen Modica

Ellen Modica
Campus Minister for Liturgical Ministries
(617) 552-4665 |

photo of Rick Rossi

Rick Rossi
Campus Minister for Pastoral Counseling
(617) 552-6592 |

Graduate Assistants

Photo of Julie DeMareo

Julie DeMareo
Multi-Faith Programs


Photo of Boyoung Kim

Boyoung Kim
CLC and Retreats


Photo of Claire Soupene

Claire Soupene
Appa Volunteers


Photo of Paul Kuczynski

Paul Kuczynski


Photo of Justine Worden

Justine Worden
Arrupe Int. Immersion