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frequently asked questions


Q: If I become part of the McNair Program at BC, do I have to go to graduate school at BC?

A: No, you don’t have to go to graduate school at BC. You can go anywhere in the country.


Q: Can I work during the McNair Summer Research Program?

A: No, you cannot work during the summer program. The summer is strictly devoted to research. You will be alloted a stipend or your full particpation in the program.


Q: As a sophomore would I have to do research this upcoming summer (after my sophomore year)?

A: For sophomores this is a recruitment year. There is no schedule involvement in research for the majority of sophomores. Occasionally, a sophomore will opt to participate in research that year but that is not the norm. There will be an orientation for all sophomores who have been accepted in the McNair Program at the end of the spring semester. Beginning your junior year, you will begin working on your research topic/project and preparing for graduate school.


Q: If I am a junior can I apply to the McNair Program?

A: Yes, if space is available and must apply to the program before Sept 30th of junior year.