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Student Application

mcnair program

Recruitment for rising Sophomores and Juniors will take place during Spring semester 2019. Applications are due on March 10, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Boston College undergraduates
  • Citizens of the United States or permanent residents
  • Must have a cumulative 2.8 GPA or above
  • Applicants must fall within one of these 2 groups:
  1. Meet income guidelines specified by the Department of Education; and have neither parent graduated from a four-year college in the United States;
  2. Or be from an underrepresented group in graduate education


Complete the entire application, and carefully review your information. The application along with the essay can be emailed at

Bring or send these materials to our office at 50 College Rd.

  • Completed McNair Appplication. Download application in Microsoft Word
  • Unofficial copy of your transcript
  • Two forms of recommendation: one from a professor in your major (preferable), and the other from an employer or other person who is not a family member
  • Proof of income: a copy of last year’s tax forms from you or your parent (s)/guardian, or your student aid report (SAR) from FAFSA
  • An essay of 2 pages or less:
    1. Your reasons for choosing to participate in the McNair Program
    2. Your plans after graduation in regards to furthering your education and your career goals
    3. How the McNair Program will help you fulfill your plans in regard to your education and career