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Our Goals

diop on the move

  1. To develop the leadership and oratorical skills of Black male students.
  2. To heighten effectiveness among outreach organizations in the BC community, particularly those addressing the needs of Black males.
  3. To hold monthly Leadership Forums which features a leader from the Boston community.
  4. To sponsor field trips to a variety of sites where students receive valuable learning experiences.
  5. To provide young men with the opportunity to pursue excellence in charter, skills and reflect values consistent with achievement.
  6. To make the kind of meaningful difference that is commensurate with the scale of the peculiar problems faced by young Black men.
  7. To enable young men to grow into responsible adults by encouraging, recognizing and developing leadership.
  8. To provide hands-on programs to build advance leadership skills.
  9. To impact positive peer influence.
  10. To encourage community involvement in developing future leaders.
  11. To improve the quality of life for Black males, to develop healthy minds and bodies.
  12. To develop the spiritual growth and development of Black males.